Calling all writers!

Updated below:  December 30, 2007

I had the great fortune of coming across a space in the blogosphere which I enjoy. Today, I began to skip around again as I have been off-line for a few days now and went back to visit this blog:

Jamaican Dawta at WordPress.

I found a wonderful inspirational page on the author’s blog rich with resources for anyone called to write or committed to writing despite the little voice in their heads. Check it out….I myself am going to print it and read again to further enjoy.

Another cool source:  over at The Wild Pomegranate, Grace tipped us off to another cool blog:  The Red Ravine.  I went over to take a look and found a separate page on the blog regarding writing practices.  Looks great.  Take a moment and check it out.



3 thoughts on “Calling all writers!

  1. Thanks, SE. How thoughtful of you. The author of that article, Mr. Philp, will be pleased to know that that information has been beneficial to so many.

    Wishing you and yours an awesomely blessed 2008!

    Ms. Jamaican Dawta: The thanks are ours………….but please pass on to Mr. Philp also!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of the New Year to you. Blessings.

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