Did you ever have a moment, when you have realized, there is more than what you see?

I use the word “see” expansively.

It could be a person you are talking to, otherwise regarded as arrogant, but you sense something else beneath the surface, and then without warning, the person is there, alone with you unexpectedly, a break in a meeting, telling you about what haunts them, a bad time in life, something they don’t want repeated, but for some reason are now telling you.

It could be a busy day in an urban park when your ear picks out a violin playing from an open window nearby.

It could be the scrape of the branches against the gray sky, pieces, leaves hanging on despite the seasons. Then, a sound, a movement, the branches populated by birds you would have otherwise missed.

Perhaps this is why I often enjoy silence, in order to see.



7 thoughts on “Sight

  1. This is a great reminder to all of us. We do miss seeing so much! Thanks for increasing our awareness.

    To be me: Ah, the flip side of the coin, when we miss seeing…how true. Happy 2008 to you!

  2. This is fantastic! I was recently having one of those moments, and wondered how so many folks could just rush on by. For me it was scent. I could smell my Great grandmothers kitchen, for that moment, on that busy street, I was in her kitchen, chicken soup on the stove, bread in the oven, and her arms were wrapped around me holding me close and her own particular smell, rosewater, lavender and women.
    A deep inhale
    I guess it’s all about being..
    Thank you, this post was most precious to me…

    Sorrow: hello! hello! I had a kitchen like that too…..I remember glasses of homemade jello in the white fridge with the strong pull metal handle, the pantry with Milano cookies, the kids table in the kitchen, the dining room set with lace and good china, the “clean plate club” my family belonged too……..meaning, put on your plate that which you eat and finish it, there are people starving elsewhere.

  3. In Stillness, there is always great clarity, for it is when our Soul’s vision is enhancing our sight.

    Breathe deep of each moment.

    Hugs.Sue Ann: yes, yes, yes………….”clarity”! Thank you!

  4. Mom, who is 75, spent a couple of days with me over the holidays. And while I love my mom dearly, I noticed how much I’ve come to love the silence that I live in. Mom wakes up talking…talks all day (even at the TV when she watches it)…and chats all evening. She falls asleep with the TV on.

    I kept berating myself…be patient, enjoy the moments with her, engage with her because this is a treat for her…all the while feeling very possessive of the Silence that I love. When she finally went home, it’s like I could breathe for the first time in days – although I totally enjoyed her visit.

    Your post here reminded me of that. And so beautifully illustrates how it is important to seek the Truth behind all of the Illusions we encounter every day. Having someone who is normall guarded and defensive, let down those walls so that you can see what’s inside, is a gift. It means (to me) that we have some sort of offering of healing for them.

    Grace…………how profound………to love a parent……….a grandparent……and yet to have them challenge our essence of self. It is a timeless dance, no? I understand, I have lived it……..yes…….hard isn’t it? Harder yet at times to defend your kind silence.


  5. There is no better time than silence to see the colors of Soul. Sound and light create a universal connection to the life force and a feeling of being one with the universe.

    It is an awesome feeling.

    Happy New year and happiness for the days ahead. 😀

    Ah, the colors of the Soul. I will be listening to my quiet all the more keenly now. Thank you!

  6. Thank you SE for this powerful insight into our inner sight. It spoke to me deeply. Things aren’t always as they appear. It’s important for us to keep that in mind.

    When I listened in the silence as I read this post, I saw this saying in my mind… “Be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

    May your New Year be abundant in blessings and all the simple pleasures of life. Lovefully, MW

    🙂 Lovely to see you. I think I was lucky enough to grab a shot of a hawk….I’ll have to post that soon. Peace and blessings to you in the coming New Year!

  7. Greetings SE!

    I think of those moments as it’s like a curtain suddenly opening and getting to see inside – that which we’ve known was there but then *really* knowing it. Either a curtain or a veil is what comes to my mind at times like that.

    I have much silence and peace in my life and I treasure and cherish it. I always have. Some folks seem like they just have to fill those spaces.

    Wishing you love and wellness today.

    Always love, always peace.

    I love that: a curtain suddenly opening. Also like that it reminds me of the Wizard of Oz! You are right about it appearing that people need to fill the spaces…I used to wonder why I didn’t want to and why it was viewed as odd or anti-social! Now I just enjoy! Peace to you this New Year!

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