Rationalizing Existence

Have you spent time justifying the existence of your dislikes?

For instance, someone treats you without courtesy in the work environment, do you find a way to rationalize that behavior?  Rationalize your dislike of that behavior?  Do you say, “that’s ok, he/she must be having a bad day?”

I do that.  I try to see things from a whole perspective.

Yet, I realize, that does not mean I have to accept such behavior.

I do not have to give my time unlimited to anyone that asks or demands.

It is ok to not answer my phone.

It is ok to not be available for every call that comes in regardless of what I may be doing.

It is ok to need time to find an answer or to arrive at the fact that I may not have a suitable response.

I can choose what to do with my “present moments”, rather than allowing perceived external forces allegedly decide for me.

I can whoop and holler with liberation, liberation of self, not because I don’t want to be kind or giving, but because it is essential to be kind and giving to ourselves also and not to sacrifice self for others at high costs.

It is ok to define our world and to determine what we will accept within our moments.

It is ok to realize that we are all individuals and that we are allowed to be individuals, along our own defining path, while allowing time for others.  Helping others, being available for others though should never mean sacrificing our passions and our beliefs.

There is no reason we should not allow ourselves the power to be.

Have a blessed New Year.


13 thoughts on “Rationalizing Existence

  1. This is a great reflection. One that all should read! Yes it okay to do or not do all of these things. It is time to strike our mark for true personal freedom, which all comes down to the choices we make every moment! Great post.

  2. Realizing you have the choice on how you react to any situation is a powerful thing. And you’re right. it’s definitely ok to choose how you want to do things..
    Thanks for that powerful reminder.
    Have a happy new year!!

  3. I agree, being kind and giving isn’t about sacrificing our self-happiness, self-safety, self-worth, and self-care.

    Give and receive denotes a balance, as well as giving what we desire/expect/ask to receive. The trickle down effect, the ripple effect, paying it forward. The Golden Rule is a guide for many people in this regard.

    Yet…there are numerous other people whose passions are firmly based in the religious belief that, “Tis better to give than receive.” Which is connected to the prevalent religious/spiritual belief that one must give in order to receive. For many giving is the formula for receiving.

    “Helping others, being available for others though should never mean sacrificing our passions and our beliefs.”

    I think that depends on what they are, since beliefs and passions can be destructive or constructive. Racism, bigotry, antisemitism, misogyny, homophobia, etc., are all rooted in deep and passionate beliefs.

    I loVe what The Listening Project, a wonderful organization working to unite communities and peoples in conflict, writes about [strifeful/hostile/hurtful] beliefs:

    “We change people through a process of active, justice-seeking love. We teach empathy. Empathy isn’t agreement. It’s understanding where people are starting from and seeing the potential. It involves listening at a very deep level so that one builds a relationship of trust and respect. To listen at a deep level, you have to let go of your own strong beliefs. It’s a spiritual process of seeking God in the other person.”

    I hope you aren’t offended by these offerings, dearest SE. I do appreciate you!! Here’s to the priceless gifts of giving and receiving. May we all manifest and exemplify the loVing beliefs we advocate, giving as we desire to receive. Abundant blissings in the New Year, xo, MW

  4. Tobeme: so glad you enjoyed. I’m with you: it is time to strike our mark for true personal freedom!

    Scarlet: (hey, leave your URL next time so everyone can enjoy your blog!!!!!!!!!) “Choice”. I think you hit it, it’s a choice and always a choice and the more we remember that, the more we are empowered.

    MWM: “offended”? No, but if I were I do believe I would tell you. I am speaking from acting with love at all times as the prerequisite. If you act from love, most things work out quite fine. I do agree not to indulge in other’s perceptions/illusions which create human divides. I also believe “passions”, true passions, are the ones born of love. Peace to you today! Namaste and thank you!

  5. Surface,
    I like the concept of choosing the moment, it is what I call perfecting the moment. We can design how we feel and how we react to situations at all times.

    Happy New Year. May your days ahead always be filled with revelation and enlightenment. 😀

  6. I’m glad you would tell me. 🙂 Open communication is important! We’ve been cyberfriends for a while now and it’s especially important in all relationships. Most everything can be resolved with open communication.

    Your true passions born out of love, seemed so in tune with The Listening Project’s mission and vision. It was started by a couple. A beautiful example of a true passion born out of love! So much can blossom from that point forward.

    “Acting with love at all times as the prerequisite.” Yes, that is the key! A sacred prerequisite. Thank you blessings, SE, for your true passion born out of loVe.

  7. Just returning the visit, to wish you and yours an abundance of blessings and insights in 2008. May you find peace and acceptance in every day!

  8. Happy New Year, Surface!!!

    One of the things that I did awhile back (several years ago now, I guess) was give myself permission to say NO. God, this was HUGE! I said NO to requests for my time that didn’t feel right or work for me – whether it was through volunteering or answering the phone.

    I guess I don’t look at it so much from the standpoint of what I say “No” to – it’s just that I’m much more focused on what to say YES to!

    And I always say YES to love! Great post!

  9. Every time you think of the word ‘no’ substitute ‘know’, for I bet that is what you are truly saying. Know that I am loving and honoring myself.


  10. (((Alexys)))….I love that…may your days always be filled with revelation and enlightenment! Thank you!

    (((MWM)))): your words always carry your universal love! I look forward to learning more about The Listening Project!

    (((Sorrow!))) hope the days ahead are illuminating!

    (((Grace))) 🙂 always appreciate your words! Namaste.

    (((Life Reflection)))….thanks for stopping in…looking forward to reading more on your blog and Happy New Year to you!

    (((Sue Ann)))…I like that…I’m going to keep that in the forefront of my mind! Thank you!

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