Dream of Jaguar

I had a dream two nights ago and recalled when I awoke that there was a jaguar. I’m not sure how or when I recalled more, maybe within the dream itself.

A black jaguar was suddenly near me, upon me, and I had to wrestle the jaguar, subdue her and the only thing I could do in the end was place my hand or was it only a finger within her mouth to keep her from biting. I looked around, where would I bring her? If I released her would others be harmed, I seemed to look out a door into a vast outside world, searching for a place, or perhaps for help.

Yet, I am not sure how much my “waking” consciousness shaped this dream. I felt a battle of wits, I felt she (was it he?) was in essence more powerful, but allowed me to use my mind or spirit to subdue her. It was a wrestling match no doubt. As even in my dream, I had no idea how to tame the power of the jaguar without hurting her; yet, it was not an option, to hurt her, I needed to do better.

In the end, it was my inability to communicate in a universal language which made me need to subdue her.

The jaguar came back again by the way….this time, just walking through, not quite prowling, but majestically walking, knowing she had a space in my mind. She came back the very next night and stayed with me through the day.

I am not sophisticated in dream lore or animal lore, but this is too present to ignore.

I started to search and found some interesting information on having a jaguar appear in dreams:

Messages from Animals

Sam’s Spirit Guide

I welcome any further links or resources any of you may have.



16 thoughts on “Dream of Jaguar

  1. Surface,
    It’s interesting that you feel the jaguar is female. Perhaps you are grappling with something in your own life that is both powerful and loving. (Maybe your heart? Torn between career, mate, two paths, etc.?) It sounds like you were aware of the power in your hands (jaguar) and once you harnessed the power, you channeled it in a loving way. (Hence the jaguar’s presence when she/he walked through majestically.)

    Could it be the power of love? Love has the power to heal and be majestic, but our willingness to hang on to what was once love can make us prowl like jaguars. Once we learn to nurture ourselves, we can keep the jaguar (hurt, emotions, etc.) at bay.

    That’s just a surmise. Dreams books are too general. I know of a dream technique. You take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center. Then write down the symbols of the dream on the right and the way those symbols make you feel on the left. You can usually learn what they mean by looking at your interpretation on the right.

    Good luck deciphering the true meaning. 😀

  2. I’m not good w/ dream lore either. But, I always enjoy a look at my dreams w/ the use of my tarot deck. 😀 you could try that to help you interpret too.

    Love to hear your results…

  3. Surface,

    An interesting dream you have. Dreams often reflect our feelings and our thoughts at that period of time. We are often not aware of our inner feelings and dreams can at times reflect it to us.

    Have a quiet moment to reflect on your present feelings and thoughts. That might give you clues to why you are having this dream.

  4. Hello Alexys, Scarlet, LIfe Reflection and Tobeme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A continuned Happy New Year!

    I’m not good with dream lore either and it is not one of the things I read up on a lot. I just found the jaguar (black panther?) fascinating. Some of the information I read talked about the wonderful healing powers of the jaguar, now that I like! I find you can go in more than one direction with the dream interpretation information. So nice of all of you to stop in…..hmmm, totem? Sounds like something Grace would know!!!


  5. Every single person, animal, or thing in our dreams is a representation of a part of our self.


    I wonder….if that jaguar wasn’t the ‘human you’ you know and think you are and, the ‘you’ wrestling with it, your Soul, wondering much the same thing about how to wrestle with your instincts.

    Just an idea…..

  6. Hello 🙂

    I noticed that the Sam’s link show’s the Black Panther (Card 52) whose medicine is “Embracing The Unknown.”

    However, the Jaguar actually has her own message (Card 51). For your consideration..

    Jaguars Medicine is Integrity/Impeccability.

    “Sacred Jaguar, teach me…

    To wear my power lightly
    To walk with impeccability
    To approach life with compassion
    And to live up to the integrity of my human potential

    Her mission is to devour the unclean aspects of human behavior. Jaguar teaches us the penalities of inappropriate behavior and offers the rewards of bgood medicine to those who stand in their personal integrity and walk through life in an impeccable manner.

    If Jaguar has appeared to you, its primal roar may be rewarding you for maintaining your integrity in some situation where you could have easily misued your authority. You may have been unwilling to passjudgement on another, or to be self serving. Were you especially kind to someone? Do a good deed that was unexpected? Allow yourself to be filled with feelings of well being and continue to serve with compassion and openhearted integrity.

    Do not falter in your resolve to be your personal best at all times. Maintain your dignity, devotion and compassion, holding to forthrightness and honesty – no matter what the contrary influences. Don’t feed any self important need to be an enlighted one – Jaguar medcine teaches us that personal integrity allows for mistakes, embraces forgiveness, and humbly makes self directed corrections – allowing a rebalanced spirit to triumph once again.

    – From The Medicine Cards

  7. Oh! Grace: I have come up with some supremely interesting searches now using a combination of jaguar-medicine cards-dreams-etc.

    What you shared is in keeping with the essence of the dream.

    Sue Ann: hmmmm….I am wondering now too-if she (he?) comes back-I suspect I will learn more.

  8. Hello,

    Last night I had a similiar dream with a black jaguar (I believe it was a female). In the dream I was walking on a sandy plain with small hilltop surroundings. Suddenly the black jaguar and I looked at each other for a split second before she charged at me. She leaped with her mouth opened and ready to attack. The only thing I knew I could do was to lift my left hand up into her mouth to protect my life. I didn’t feel any pain as we were struggling before we hit the ground. But there was a feeling of anxiety and desperation. Then as sudden as her fierce attack, the black jaguar became very calm while my hand was still inside her mouth. We were lying on the ground next to each other in a friendly way (well, I couldn’t see an alternative way to keep my life). This is FREAKLY!! that the person on this BLOG also had a similiar dream……

    Best wishes and good health to all..

  9. Ah, the black jaguar. Some also say it warns of danger coming and is perhaps a sign to prepare. It is quite interesting you also had the same response in your dream, to put your hand in the mouth of danger to subdue or negate the danger. I’m gambling it was an extremely vivid dream yes?

  10. The episode with the black Jaguar was very clear and intense. I can have an impression of the confrontation to the ground. The emotinal bond I had with the Jaguar on the floor was as vivid as when she first attacked.

  11. heh strange, i had a dream last night that i was wreastling with a black panther, i was in a forest and i saw the panther approach me and i tried to stop it from biting me funnerly enough by putting my hand into its mouth! how odd

  12. Now that is pretty wild Nortabun. I have not yet found another direct reference, so to speak, where someone else tried to stop the jaguar by putting a hand in the jaguar’s mouth! Truly glad you have stopped in and shared.

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  14. I dreamed of a tall skinny furless black panther with dull greyed over eyes. I tried to chse it away, but he attacked me. I wrestled it and succeeded in stuffing it into a cabinet.

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