The Long Now

Taken from another day…..strolling through drafts……..

Did you ever want to expand a moment?

Hold on to it?

Let it linger?

I have.

I do.

Sometimes, I open my refrigerator and decide I can make something with whatever is inside. I call this, the long moment. The long moment (or short) of seeing what is or isn’t in the refrigerator. I try to stop myself from thinking what would happen if the world as we know it stopped tomorrow and my underground shelter was not stocked….with that blockade in mind…I proceed.

The Long Now….

Open the refrigerator…look around (sorry, I’m a veg kind of girl, but if you’re not, you are more than welcome to throw in your meat at anytime…)

Grab some Veg broth, I used some organic tonight, but it was a bit heavy, roasted vegetable taste almost, so I added 8 oz of some alleged pure water

of course, a bit of sea salt and ground pepper

set a frying pan with water

walked away

now what?

ok, celery, zucchini, carrots, red peppers, squash, tomatoes, parsley, arugala…hmmm……

back to the pot, hmm, veg broth smelling kind of strong….quick take the two left over tomatoes, chop and dice and throw in as I go, little more sea salt and pepper….

oooo, garlic and red onion, set another small pan, add some olive oil, heat, simmer, waaaaaaaa-la! simmer, simmer, simmer…

big frying pan with water still trying to boil, no lid in house to top it, so it’s gonna be slow and affect the recipe….

back to the counter and looking at the vegs….

ok, The Long Soup.

I decide to cut strips and start with the celery, throw it in as I go….

nope, pasta water still not boiling…

I cut carrots very long, throw in…..

pasta water still not boiling….

sea salt and ground pepper…..bit of crushed up parsley…..

oooohhhhh, red pepper, slice long and throw in as I go….

hmmm, garlic, can’t slice it long, but can pretend with oval slivers….

this is the Long Now Soup,

no noise,

no tv….

just creating…..

smell the soup….

Wow, must have to cook longer something is definitely off,

young child walks in,

decides to throw in the long pasta (spaghetti, etc.) into the pan pre-full boil.

Ok, let’s go with it.

Let the pasta begin to boil.

1/4 red onion left, slice….and throw in.

I feel like I’m in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.


Pasta nowhere near ready.


Small glass of red wine for the cook?

Back to the drawing board.

Nope, don’t want the yellow squash nor the green zucchini, just not fitting with the long look today.

Stare again.

Lift lid.

Salt, pepper. Oh yeah, another small long sliced glove of garlic.


Pasta off pan. Strained.

Now what?

Tried to tie it in knots to lightly fry to float on soap. Wrong pasta. Would sink to bottom. Hmm, open fridge, left over vegetable pureed broth in fridge, slosh into frying pan, add argula, garlic and red onion previously simmered, throw a baking pan over the top since there is no matching lid.

Walk away.

Come back.

Now what?

Lift lid to soup pot.


Slightly bland.

Throw in contents of pan.

Close lid on soup pot.

Walk away.

Return to sprinkle with small amounts of ground pepper and sea salt to taste.

Oh yeah, I smashed the long spaghetti into smaller pieces, but still arguably long pieces before throwing in the pot.

Walk away.

Come back.

Hmmm, still not quite right.

Rifle through holiday basket given from italian deli, 28 oz can of whole peeled italian tomatoes, throw in, walk away.

Come back and mash.

Repeat several times: also: sea salt and ground pepper to taste.

The Long Now.

It’s still simmering.

Who says you can’t elongate time?



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