Ok, I’m a semi-veg girl….so, note, this piece will be slanted.

CNN reports, FDA approves cloning 

Ok, let me think this one through.

Now instead of having “live” farms of “food” we will have cloned farms of food.

I suspect this should not bother me.

Unless, I believe there are souls involved in the process of cloning.

Oh yes,

let me step back,

I might have to go on a limb,

and say,

there are souls involved in meat consumption.








let’s suppose,


have souls,

let’s suppose,


we clone them,

the clones  then too have souls.

what then are we ingesting?

do we really,


wonder why

the crows

or turkey buzzards

would have their


with us

when it is


what we have done to them?

Outside of the box:

The Island

Never Let Me Go 


15 thoughts on “Clone

  1. An interesting puzzlement…do cloned animals have souls? Would a cloned person have a soul? Does the soul come with the original package or do souls wait for welcoming entities to partner with? I don’t have any answers here. Not my area, as John Travolta says in the movie Michael.

    But, for those of us who do eat meat, it woudl seem that the idea of cloning meat may not be the wisest from a health and environmental standpoint. Repeating the same DNA again and again? Doesn’t this decrease diversity? And might it not lead to recessive (possibly unhealthy) genes that should be wiped out but again are allowed to strengthen. Obviously not my area either. But it sure makes me uncomfortable. Maybe that gets back to the question of the soul after all.

    Always know I can find an interesting take on an issue here. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

  2. I have been reading about cloned meat a bit as well, and in reading even this article, I wonder how much is still unknown about DNA, much I think:) so I do so strongly feel that GM food should be labelled, if nothing else but to allow choice.

    I feel or believe that all bodies of life have energy, so to me cloned animals would have this too, but I also feel it is the source of life in what we eat, that is what we are really eating, so I suppose it is in what we belive the source of life is. For now, for me I feel right in eating things where I feel the source of its life comes from nature:)

  3. and in re-reading what I just wrote I feel to add :)things like our fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds are what I feel need the source of nature, the sun and the earth to live.

  4. ((((Ronnie)))…now that Tumel has joined the mix, shall we continue?

    I believe, just from an intuitive perspective, that mostly everything has a soul. Whether there are gradations or different interpretations of the soul is a different matter. I guess a better way to say it is I believe there is a spark of the Divine within all matter (whether seen or unseen).

    I have a harder time trying to convince myself that souls would not exist in clones. Perhaps the soul, if you will, as a larger collective consciousness, is almost like lint, once it sticks to you it is very hard to shake off. Jumping over the question of whether “clones” would be made into beings initially with a soul, hmmm, wouldn’t that just be another definition of conception? (Ducking!) I think any breathing being would be hard pressed to escape the collective consciousness which exists everywhere.

    (((Tumel))) I look forward to digging into the links you provided. I too believe there is an interwoven fabric.

  5. (((Tumel)))…I agree with the point on labeling…it would give us the choice, as Ronnie points out above, to determine for ourselves what is our personal, healthiest choice.

  6. I look at my new kitty Lucie’s eyes and I see fire and love and desire and stubbornness and curiosity and all things that feel like a soul is there. At least to me. Maybe different gradations, as you say. Maybe pieces of other souls and maybe unique souls…I don’t know. Fascinating to think about whether the soul is automatically attached in a clone or it chooses to enter when ready (ducking too). If it is just the same soul attached, does that soul feel the same allegiance to the cloned being? Is it somehow watered-down? (I know this is getting far out.)

    I’ve always thought souls split into many pieces and attach to various entities, maybe to explore different lives and learn from all of them. But would a clone attract a new split or a totally new soul or either, depending on ????

    Such an interesting idea to explore. Even if you don’t believe in souls, what about the life force that is being cloned? Are we just DNA or is there something more to the energy that carries over into a clone?

  7. Hmmm…now I’m also wondering if a clone does get the same spirit, then does a child also get part of the parents’ spirits? Rather than being one unique soul, are we filled with lots of parts of souls? No wonder I get so tired sometimes. (-;

    Are we our own collective unconscious?

  8. Ah Ronnie, I think I have seen my internal mind rhythms splayed across your comments! I do that too with the souls, like a pinball machine.

    You raise even more points:

    do we take on our family’s souls?

    is there a soul?

    is it some other matter?

    And I ask, does it matter what we call it? It is impossible to ignore the otherness, no?

  9. Yes! Whatever we call it or maybe even better don’t call it – allusion to “no labels” from Tao Te Ching – there is definitely something else…here, there, and everywhere.

  10. I believe:) that in everything that lives there is a body soul and spirit and I feel that somehow we are meant to bring these three things together, maybe to become one. What I feel sometimes too, is that in the things that live, without a lot of consious or unconsious thought, there seems to be more spirit. I feel this way because spirit seems so light to me and thought can feel so deep at times.

    I have always felt that little animals, like cats and dogs:) had more spirit than soul, and I have always felt nature was a pure form of spirit. Sue Ann made a little comment that I thought was so beautiful, that “our souls mate is our spirit”. Maybe in every body a soul is searching for its mate the spirit:) and in the animals or nature, it is shown to us that the spirits and souls of these ones are closer together in the finding of each other or even are mated as one.

    But what I believe as well is that when a body dies, the spirit and soul leave this, its energy living still in the state they were in, so in eating what we eat we are really only eating something without life or energy at all.

    So I wonder now too just what we are eating:)

    and I also feel sad now for saying I wanted little cloned cows or sheep labeled.. it does seem like it would be fair to them, but I still think I would wish to know what exactly has been cloned

  11. Having read tumel’s thoughtful comment, I just want to clarify that when I talk about “no labels” I mean the ones that are mere words trying to contain a concept in too small a space. I darn well want my food labeled if it’s been mucked with! Hope that doesn’t sound like a contradiction, but if it is…I guess I can live with that. (-;


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