Name that bird…



4 thoughts on “Name that bird…

  1. Wlell Sorrow, looks like you were the only taker on this post. You should have seen this one fly, it was amazing, and then stutter in mid-air to land on a near by branch. If you look at her closely, bigger, she looks like a changeling, a female head smoothing into the body of the bird.

  2. Surface Earth,
    Hello, I found you via Lady Sorrow. The hawk above could very well be a Broad Wing. It may also be a Red-shouldered hawk. Perhaps another photo is in order. A full frontal might help as would another tail shot. R. shouldereds are quite large while B. wings are much smaller. B. wings live in the forest and R. shouldereds prefer open country just like Red-tailed hawks (Which the above is definitely not). I believe that a Broad wing will have less white bands on its tail than a R. shouldered. Good luck. Either way you have a great guest. If there are any large trees nearby away from other structures or moving distractions then the hawk may be looking for a nest site. That time of year you know. That would of course be an Awesome treat. Thank you for the quiz. Let us know how it turns out. Dobry Noc.

  3. LOL! Hey there Polar. I did in fact delete my second post regarding the same photo of the bird, but luckily not your comment! Just left a note over at your place and realized your comment was still here after all. I look forward to hopefully getting a better photo and will now look with a better way based on your observations above!

    Hey Enreal: I did in fact mistakenly delete the second post with your comment. Sorry about that! Appreciate you stopping in. I too don’t know the names of many of the birds but I love to watch them also.

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