Where are we looking?

I watched two different witnesses today.  Lovely, credible women.

Both had different mannerisms.

The first at times looked down, scanning her memory, trying to find a recollection.  At times, she looked up, staring.

Where in fact was she looking to access memory?

The second was slow and steady, reigning in emotion, she didn’t flick her eyes as much, seeming to know or have pre-decided what she knew and what she didn’t.  Was that a veil?  A curtain of forgetfulness?

Watch people as they try to remember.

Watch what their eyes do.

Watch where they try to look for the information.



8 thoughts on “Where are we looking?

  1. The eyes are fascinating when someone is trying to recall or fabricate information. There is a whold study in Neur-Lingquistics Programming (NLP) which states that you can tell if a person is lying or telling the truth by where there eyes go when trying to recall information. I have found it to hold true. Great observation on your part.

  2. LOL. Where do they look for such memories? Are they in the air somewhere? People are so fascinating aren’t they? I could watch them for hours, but then I wouldn’t do anything else.

    I like your new site too.

  3. Tobeme……..I would love to read even more about the studies. I appreciate the reference and will look it up. Thanks for the positive note on the new site look!!

    Alexys…..Hello. Isn’t it fascinating to wonder where people are actually looking? whether the eyes truly do see at all! Enjoyed your post on human behavior and the “closed” sign at the post office!

  4. Enreal!

    It is amazing and fascinating. I am now more than ever intrigued to figure out where is it we humans look for recollection and memories.

    Much peace to you today!

  5. Witnesses?

    What ToBeMe brought up about the Neur-Lingquistics Programming (NLP) reminds me again of how much we lack when we try to communicate via the computer. So much is missed in the looks, the tone of voice, inflections etc. I’ve been wanting to write on that topic for so long – I’ve tried on many occasions but there’s something inside me that is stopping myself. If only I could figure out what that was I could actuallly write what I’ve been wanting to for so long.

    Anhother huge thanks to you for bringing something up that has touched me.

    Peace and observation.

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