Fall From Grace

How quickly do we fall from grace?

What does it take for us to push another from the seat of grace?

There are times in life I have fallen from grace, either in my own opinion or in the opinion of someone else.

There are times in life I have pushed someone from the seat or cradle of grace.

The why to me is no longer important.  The why is because, because it happened, because it was a proscribed or learned mind-set, because, because, because.

There are triggers that go off before we attempt to let someone fall from grace or to push them from that natural state.  There may be an addictive surge of heightened emotion, a marshalling of the ego, a quick pain in the stomach, a headache, something that is other than pleasure and truly a natural state of being from the heart.

If you know your own triggers, when you are about to set the trap, create the lair to draw another in, to bring them down…chances are you can stop in the very moment and cause a non-occurrence.  You can choose how to treat another human being.  Conversely, you can choose whether you allow yourself or another to cause the illusion of your fall from grace.  When you begin to hear the self-critical voice, when your body and its energy begin to delete, almost slouch, when there is simply too much noise in your head…recognize that which is not natural is occcurring.

The quickest way to return to the natural state of love is to breath.  When we are in the natural state of love, we do not allow anyone’s fall from grace, including ourself, it is not even a recognizable concept or desired action.

Even if it is only for a moment.  Take a breath in through your nose, feel your stomach move and then slowly, slowly exhale, focusing on your stomach breathing out again.  This moment creates a barrier while at the same time allowing a flow of loving energy to return within and around you.



10 thoughts on “Fall From Grace

  1. Sorrow………..this breathing mantra seems to repeat with me. I truly feel though, when we are unsure of what to do, how to protect ourselves in times of certain vulnerability, how to balance love with also dignity, the lack of emotional encroachment, I see breaths as creating moats, when necessary, digging them, laying the stones, filling the water, creating space around ourselves from unfortunate negative influences. In my past, I often had to visualize throwing alligators/crocodiles/etc. in the water to ensure adequate space and protection. Now, I simply breath, and it works, breath is so powerful I am amazed.


  2. Hello there my friend – I’ve missed you. I’m sorry I’ve been missing. I have been breathing and keeping things slow but still going when I can.

    I’m so happy to read your post today and see your way of viewing the “moats”. I must admit I am laughing at the thought of the alligators to ensure the space you might need.

    I really do appreciate your explanation of how it has worked for you. It’s worked that very way for me as well at times although I’ve had different views and approaches but the breath was necessary – the breath or several. The paragraph this came from and this quote:

    ” You can choose how to treat another human being. Conversely, you can choose whether you allow yourself or another to cause the illusion of your fall from grace. ” speaks volumes. So many people don’t hear it though or they shove it back etc. Thanks for bringing it to light here.

    Much much love to you today and every day and my thanks to you as well.

  3. I good sage advice..if we can just remember to breathe and let be. Not only for others but for ourselves. Falling from grace can happen over and over in our own minds if we keep revisiting the past.
    Pausing to breathe allows us time to see the light in others and within ourselves.

  4. Ruby: I am laughing at you laughing at the alligators. Thank you for the joy.

    Gypsy: Yes, “Falling from grace can happen over and over in our minds in our own minds if we keep revisting the past.” Succinctly put. Enough said.

    Tobeme: Hello, hello. Yes, a state of love, it all begins and ends in that one line. Peace.

  5. Alexys: I have also been thinking lately. Sometimes when drama lands at our doorstep, you can feel it move toward the center of your stomach, I think the trick is to deflect it before it settles so far! (:) breath it out! Can’t wait to link up to your new place, thanks for letting me know!!!

  6. I really needed to read this right now!!!!!! Thanks for reminding me how to re-connect within…even when I just wanna run with my emotions!!!!!!

  7. (((Morgan))) So lovely to see you stop in! It is almost always about re-connecting isn’t it? I decided some time ago to give myself a break, to not be such an intolerable taskmaster and stop making myself believe that the inner peace had to be fluid at all times. I decided it was ok if I had moments breaking from that reservoir, as long as I knew tricks to steer myself back.

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