Humor in faith or the otherside of Mary

Warning:  not for the faint hearted.

I have a spiritual household.

By that I mean, anything goes.

You can believe,  you cannot believe, you can have no opinion…but the idea, the gossamer whisper of faith and the beyond, will meet you at every turn.

I believe, just so you know, (little foreshadowing there), that the Virgin Mary, Mother Mary, Azna, has a sense of humor.

I believe this because I think she does not have an ego and therefore does not have the same scale, weight to taking herself seriously.

Tonight, in the kitchen, a few of the kids and I were kidding around, mimicking, being silly.  They ran down the hall and I heard one imitating me, saying, Oh, Blessed Mary.

Well, considering the laughter had taken the place of the call to clean moments before, I took things into my own hand.

I grabbed my little figure of Mary, (without hands I am afraid, the youngest, well, it’s a long story, suffice to say he thought he was helping both me and Mary), and the cheap carved nativity scene (one piece, all in one, carved out for better handling), — wait I digress.  See, I always wanted one of those really big loud life-like yard/lawn nativity scenes.  You know, the kind you could step up to, sit with, have a chat, move them around:  in other words, total control  of the beginning Biblical scenes.  So this little carved out piece, well, it was put up for Christmas and didn’t come down because well, it was modified control on my part.

So there I am, Mary without hands in one hand, (no-no pun intended) and the nativity scene in the other, and I ran down the hall, and chased my children up the stairs, yelling, sinners, repent, clean, clean, clean.

Suffice to say, it only resulted in more laughter.

But it made me think, I truly believe in my heart, in my soul, in my older, wiser and often buried intelligence, that Mary has a sense of humor.

Other sources in the belief religion, faith and Mary may in fact have a sense of humor:

Looking for Mary, Beverly Donofrio

Anne Lamott, pick any book


7 thoughts on “Humor in faith or the otherside of Mary

  1. ~Grin~
    Thats a wonderful story! I am stuck however on all the possible puns for the Mary without hands…~grin~ but I will behave and …snicker… repent!
    Your kids are so lucky to have you as a Mom!

  2. S.E.
    Laughter gives us freedom to fly.

    “God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.”


  3. (((Gypsy)))) Most moments I think the children would agree, but you know, there are others where I think they wish they could “tweak” me a bit!

    (((Sorrow)))…hmmmm….could it be I have been overlooking the obvious? Mothers never have enough hands? 😉

    (((Enreal)))…what a lovely gift you have given me, to know the words here caused your heart to smile. Namaste.

    (((Alexys))))….ah, how lovely, thank you for the quote. BTW, digging your new site, that artwork at the top is extremely engaging.

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