The Three Ravens

Yesterday I heard a commotion.

I was unsure as to what the sounds were. Yes, I presumed the noise to be birds but I could not identify what was going on. I stopped and listened and heard separate cadences.

Then, I saw a raven chase my hawk out of its tree. They swooped, I thought they might go within an inch of my head, but they didn’t. I was mesmerized because the day before, I walked out the door and a sea of birds flew over my head, like a symphony, defining my view of the sky. I ran for the camera, the new batteries I put on were on the blink. So I stood and watched.

This came back to me as I watched the raven chase the hawk, and saw two of the raven’s friends in the background. Bodyguards? They chased that hawk right out of the safe haven of the tree it fled too. Later that day I took the bread I could no longer find a recipe for to mask or revive the staleness. so I took some bags and went outside and placed piles of ripped bread upon the ground in different gathering places.

Today, again, the three ravens sat. I could not see them at first: caw, caw, caw. Space. Silence. Caw, caw, caw.

One sat within the tree, the other joined and the last swooping above on its way.

I went out later. No sign of them. In my head I repeated: caw, caw, caw. I turned the corner and there the leader sat, and repeated it back to me.

Resources on Ravens:

Raven, by Susan Morgan Black

Symbols of the Saints

Heather Blakey on Squidoo: Ravens

Integral Options Cafe: Raven


12 thoughts on “The Three Ravens

  1. Gypsy, gypsy…I don’t know. I just know what comes in threes repeatedly is either trying to tell me something or simply can’t be unbound. I did though link up to a few other resources that apparently know more than I. Peace to you tonight!

    Indigo: I love, love mistaken comments and the inability to edit…it’s right up my alley. Do it all the time! Then I go back and say, you kidding me? There’s no self-edit button? Thanks for stopping in, we are checking your running story on your blog…it’s a cliff-hanger.

    Tumel,. tumel! I did not think that, three ravens and caws in three? I gave more offerings tonight, we shall see if I am around tomorrow in the daylight! I shall come back and share. Namaste tumel.

  2. and maybe to do with the language of the birds as well?

    I looked up Raven and came across this,

    “With raven, human and animal spirits intermingle and become as one. This is
    reflected in its deep, rich shiny black. In blackness, everything mingles until
    drawn forth, out into the light. Because of this, raven can help you shapeshift
    your life or your being. Raven has the knowledge of how to become other animals
    and how to speak their languages.

    Ravens are great at vocalizations, and they can be taught to speak. They
    incorporate and mimic the calls of other species. Raven can teach you
    to understand the language of animals.”

    it was a quote that was taken from a book named Animal Speak, but it did not give the author’s name. I looked up Language of the Birds after, and so many other things came up as well:)

  3. Tumel:

    Interesting. Many months ago I in fact did a lot of research on the Language of Birds. I felt it was overdue. They were divebombing my car and house, and I said to myself, why are my eyes clogged? why can’t my eyes see? Evidently they are going out of their way to speak to me?

    Why the 3 caws? I didn’t even think about that until you brought it up. Bravo. I am off to think of it now.

  4. I think, I have listened a lot lately Tumel. It is only recently I truly hear the difference between the birds and my head leans, inclines against the air, trying to catch a new voice. I no longer try to understand it in a “human” way, I just drink it in, and see what my higher self lets me know.


    Got to be frank: I adore the birds. Been throwing out bunches of food for them lately, temperature changes in the area. This morning, a blue jay ran up a tree close to an upper floor window and stopped and looked in, a bunch of bread in its mouth. I laughed out loud with delight. Not just that he and his large family (7-8 spotted at once) saw fit to eat the bread, but he took the time to show me. Delightful.

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