Surface Earth for President: 2008

Greetings fellow citizens.

My name is Surface Earth.

I welcome you this evening to improve my life and my future income.

See, if you vote for me,

My ego will inflate,

My social circle will inflate,

And down the road,

I can make lots and lots of money from that,


Have friends in power to give me tax cuts,

So even though shopping for food, gas, homes may be difficult for you,

I will be in good stead.

And oh yeah?

“God bless America!”

Signing off, free mason sign discreetly at left side of video.


13 thoughts on “Surface Earth for President: 2008

  1. One of the most honest platforms I’ve ever read. I’m waiting for the campaign slogan. (-;

    I’ll start it off:

    “Some for all. All for me!”

    Any other ideas???

  2. Surface E,
    I would like to impart some “Stump” wisdom I have garnered since Hawk & I began our own ’08 campaign. Yes your ego will inflate; until an activist throws paint at you. Yes your social circle will inflate; mostly with political wanna-be’s that you wouldn’t want near your kids. Yes you can make a good bit of dough; providing that a Special Council is not appointed to investigate you. Other than that I look forward to meeting you for the debates.
    Sincerely, Polar & Hawk for POTUS.

  3. rofl….why pick on the masons? Could have just as well said notice sign of stupid fish in lower left hand corner…

  4. ((( SE ))) Hello sweet friend. Just a quick note to let you know my daughter got her biopsy results back today. The treatment and all the prayers worked! She is 100% cancer free!!

    I could never express my gratitude for your prayers, S.E. I humbly ask God to bless you 1000 fold for your kindness to me and my family.

    Much love to you,

  5. Tongue in cheek, humbled for the “good” politicians, the ones of heart, I admit, I just had a moment of “fun”.

    So I say first…

    “Grace”: Blessings. You humble me. You know without further words on my part what your message means. Namaste. Namaste. Namaste. I still will continue to pray.

    Polar: you and Hawk have it going on. I would make a fantabously horrible President. I would have the whole world throw out money and start gardens and mandatory art and music. It would be a riot on a cosmic scale.

    Enreal: peace. welcome to the cabinet. bring your paints and your words.

    Alexys: Ha! Yes, the post was honest, but that was jut my perception, wasn’t it?

    Sue Ann: just happy you are rolling! blessings, keep on walking through that rainbow.

    Ronnie…..uh, as the campaign manager, have I spoken out of turn? 🙂

  6. Whoa, Wait a minute…gardens & music are BAD?! You know, we still need someone to run The Department of the Interior. Do you think you could garden a billion acres or so? Oh btw, Banning T.V is part of our platform. It’s like throwing out money but if everything stops being over “Commercialized” then I think the result is the same.

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