Humanitarian News Update

Jump on over, the water’s fine….Update:  Humanitarian News Update


6 thoughts on “Humanitarian News Update

  1. Your blog is always interesting and different than any other! 🙂

    This new look is crisp and clean. It did take me a few minutes to figure some things out…like how to comment. That is just me though…I am very technically challenged. :O

    Good energy to you!

  2. Thanks Sorrow. That is some project Ms. Seale is working on.

    Gypsy…I couldn’t get used to the new look (Prologue) either, so here we are, back in familiar territory.

  3. This is Shelley Seale, and I just want to say thank you for featuring my blog and thank you to all who are in such support of giving a voice to these inspiring children. It’s so encouraging to know that they are heard by many others.

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