Who’s in charge?

Quadriplegic man about to be booked for “fleeing”?

Reading the story reveals a photo of an officer dumping the man from his wheelchair as he was about to be booked. I am wondering, was he still fleeing?

Come on, give me a break. What, did Jimmy Neutron design the wheelchair? Attempt to elude an officer? Ok, ok, I know nothing about the officer attempting to arrest him, he may have been “speed-challenged”.


High frequency devices drive children from stores: UK

Limbaugh as McCain’s best asset (pay attention to first three letters, he’s not doing McCain a favor)

Ok, ok, I’m just playing, but I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I see the headlines on the news. I understand why Polar is banning television in the campaign.

Take a look at any of the major news media sites, look at the margins, the size of the pages, what they decide is the headline news for a planet filled with billions.

Go ahead, tread lightly, you may not come back the same.


6 thoughts on “Who’s in charge?

  1. In one of my earlier days it was part of my job to design testing for employment. My particular job assignment at the time was to design/create a test for Police Detective (a promotional exam). According to law, for a question to be considered legal, 2/3’s of those already in the job had to get the answer correct.

    After having to write the one test over 5 times, in order to make all the questions easy enough for those already in the jobs to answer correctly, I didn’t consider giving them badges of authority and guns to be especially wise ideas.

    There’s been a trend over the past 25 years, from friend and helper, to neurotic enforcer that isn’t very attractive nor healthy for our Society.

  2. It’s something in common among all police departments…that anyone with what is considered an “average” IQ or above, does not get hired. The reason given is because it takes so much time and money to train an officer, and those with average or higher IQ’s don’t stay in the jobs for long, so mustn’t waste the tax payers money.

    You can check if you’d like. There is a test given and if anyone scores too high, they are disqualified from being considered. Told to be a fireman, instead.

  3. Much of the real news is kept hidden far from the public’s prying eyes – we’re spoon fed pablum and it doesn’t taste very good, does it?

    Peace and always love.

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