Thoughts on a moonless night

You have asked me

In no uncertain terms

To broker a deal

Against a sky with no moon

I have sifted

The moments of my time

Against the hourglass

Never fashioned

I bowed my head


Only once

And allowed the definition


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on a moonless night

  1. This is very beautiful Surface Earth, I found myself reading it a few times to see what I felt when I did, but each time I did I felt something different, and even in reading it one more time before posting this I still feel something else. So it is of many feelings to me:)

  2. How funny Tumel.

    I was glad no one asked me what I meant or what the words mean as I felt that I wrote what I wrote within a 30 second discrete time period, and what I was feeling, may not be what someone else would upon reading: consequently, I wanted the words to be undefined. Your comment has reinforced that. Blessings.

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