Sitting on the edge of the universe

I sit

feet beneath me

crawled into

the depth of a chair

I sit



is somewhere

on the edge of my being

I falter

hanging on

fingers on the edge


how hard

I should hold on

I want

to send you a picture

a sketch

a charcoal

sketched against

off white

rough paper

to show you

what my words mean

but I lack the materials

and the time

in this moment


I sit on the edge of the universe

my faery feet


into the foam of the ocean caps

I dip

my toes

the toes I sometimes




I dip them in

those little things

I dip them in and out

do you see them now?

those five points

dipped in foam?

those happy



sprayed against the

horizon of the sky

against the epicenter

of the unknown?


I sit

on the edge

of a moss covered rock

I dip

my toes

into the clear


clear waters of a meandering stream

I watch what I think

are the

never moving rocks

the pebbles

watching the

water go by

I dip and dip again


My faery feet

I see them well

I never asked

I never told

just a little one

a wee one

they said



so slight

when they sucked my breath

I didn’t

know how to say


10 thoughts on “Sitting on the edge of the universe

  1. Ah. This is really nice. Esp. loved:

    “my faery feet


    into the foam of the ocean caps”

    I’m a sucker for good alliteration. Namaste to those happy little digits. Uh…and I do hope they learn to say “no”. (-;

  2. Your words are always such a feast!
    I related to so many of the images, My bare toes always feel ready to fly, Thanks for the moment of deep sigh.
    I have a friend who says “Yes is a Verb”, I suppose you understand as well as she….

  3. You had my attention with the title..I love it, and this line is especially beautiful to me:
    “I sit knowing God is somewhere on the edge of my being”
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. 🙂

  4. Ronnie: thanks so much! Yes, I was partial to the ocean caps myself, imagining hovering in the air just high enough.

    Sorrow: how gracious of you. I like that, Yes is a verb. You are right!

    Ozy: I tend to feel the same way, you are correct, it is light but there is something more to be seen. Thanks for stopping in again!

    Alexys: I like the way you put the words in your comment…exactly!

    Gypsy….:) Of course you know I had no idea where I was going with it, don’t you?

  5. Tobeme: I feel as if this little faery girl asked me to type her voice. I too enjoy her visuals!

    Enreal: Peace today, thank you for your graciousness, I see the toes dipping in the ocean caps too!

    Tumel: ah, a mermaid…I give pause to contemplate…….

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