12 thoughts on “Two Hands

  1. Gypsy: as well as your artistry makes me contemplate, stop, think and breath.

    Ronnie, I like your description.

    Not sure what is up, but I’m in a pseudo-poetry mode. May be this way for awhile or perhaps just until the next post.

    After all, John Stewart is hosting the Oscars….

  2. On that tangent…Jon Stewart hosted the Oscars last night and showed you can be successful and still display kindness and respect (maybe not to politicians when you’re a political comedian, of course). When he brought back Marketa Irglova (who, with Glen Hansard, co-wrote the best original song “Falling Slowly” from Once) and gave her a chance to speak, that just warmed the cockles of my heart! She is not Hollywood glitterati, but her heartfelt speech reminds us of why the arts -indie films made for a mere $100,000 as well as wonderful original poetry such as yours – really matter.

  3. Love extends itself freely for the Joy of so doing. It asks for nothing in return. So I see no injustice, for ‘favors’ rendered, just for the sake of what we get back from it. It is Just that an empty gesture, results in emptiness.

    I love your ponderings {{SE}}.


  4. I do not think He waits for the unreturned. For somewhere there is always the intention and love.

    Wonderful and simple. Eloquent words as always.

  5. Sorrow, I could not say it better than Ronnie did. In my home, John Stewart’s show as well as Colbert’s is often on at night!

    Ronnie: What a lovely description. Thank you also for the kind words about the poetry.

    Alexys…..ah, you have turned my words for me, very interesting.

    Sue: yes. I agree. Peace!

    Enreal: so his hand is full despite his misperception?

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