I Don’t End




I don’t end.

It hit me like a ton of bricks tonight, an 18 wheeler when I was looking left rather than right.

I simply
Not end.

I can give you verbatim
Of this ordinary; yet, unusual mind of mine
Or I can stay silent
And give
Bait at the
End of the string_

I remain


10 thoughts on “I Don’t End

  1. Hey, Im new here, and reallly need some help on blogs, how the heck do you get backgrounds? also, how do you make links of your own pages, onto your homepage? please, im desperate for help! thanks!

  2. Brilliant…I am almost waiting to hear the words…”what am I?”

    But you see I know what you are, and I know what I am…

    Have a great weekend

  3. You know, really ‘getting this’ might be the most liberating experiences a human can have. If we truly understand that the real us doesn’t end…we can relax. We can feel expansive. We can cut out so much fear and stuff.

    Because if we never end, we’ll never get it all done. And we’ll never have it ‘perfect’.

    I think Abraham said that 😉

  4. I see Whom you really Are is sinking in…

    we are not our stories; we are the Reader of our stories.



  5. Soniasenglishproject: Welcome! Have you had any luck scanning the FAQs at WordPress?

    Akash, greetings and welcome. Thank you for your positive note.

    Enreal…:) I like that ending question!

    Grace: you are right, we could then relax. Yes.

    Gypsy: Thank you, I think your paintings often convey a similar message.

    Sue: that is fascinating…the “reader” of our stories

    Liara: Thanks for stopping in and leaving a resource.

    Tobeme: Ah, that would be true. “We” don’t end!

  6. Synchronicity…again. 🙂 I have been being given this message in different forms for several days now, the reminder that we are all eternal. As Grace said, once we embrace our eternalness we can relax. We can quit worrying about guilt and expectation and judgment (among others) because in the is-ness of eternity all polarities fade and there is only experience. I am working this week to internalize this truth at a deeper level. I’m glad I found this post as a continuing reminder of my current process. 🙂

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