The MEME of Commanality

You must know,

when I started here,

at beloved wordpress,

I had no clue what was meant by a MEME,

by what it meant to be tagged for one.

I have now enjoyed many,

although like Ronnie,

have never felt compelled to respond,

simply to respond,

rather the senders,

somehow sensed,

it was right for me.

And so it went.

So now, I introduce one from S.E.

It is simple,




List 5-10 things of commanility that you have in common with the human race and/or nature.

List 5-10 things that you may have in common with the human race and/or nature.

Most of all,

peace among us.

S.E.’s Commanality MEME:

In common:

1. We breathe

2. We eat (I think, jury is still out on this one)

3. We sleep

4. We awake

5. We love

6. We worry

7. We battle perception

8. We have inherited Society

What we may have in common…

1. We judge

2. We perceive

3. We protect

4. We struggle

5. We love

6. We laugh

7. We hope

8. We dream

9. We wish for something “bigger” than ourselves

***Kindly send back, I want to see the evolution……….

On deck:



Everyone else, join in, leave a comment, e-mail me at or ping away.

Peace, blessings and healing light to all who enter here.



8 thoughts on “The MEME of Commanality

  1. Ah SE! How can I say no to you of all people? A uniquely thoughtful challenge for sure…but isn’t that your trademark?

    You already covered many of the ones I first thought of, so I tried to come up with a few others. Oh…and I decided to combine the categories, so here are some things we humans have or may have in common:

    1. Like you, we are curious by nature and ask questions (assuming we feel free enough to do so).
    2. We all have bodily functions also shared by other mammals – lest we forget our roots.
    3. We create societies.
    4. We create music and art.
    5. We have feelings.
    6. We seek love and approval. (Different from just feeling love, which hopefully we all do.)
    7. We are dazzled by and in awe of nature and the stars (in the heavens as well as on earth).
    8. We KNOW there is something bigger than ourselves; we just don’t always agree on what that is. (For some, it is just the IRS.)

    Well…that’s my list. Looking forward to what others come up with. Thanks for the thought-provoking challenge. As always. 🙂


  2. I know I have mentioned this before, but it feels so right to mention this here as well:)

    I like thinking that we are walking ecosystems, in how we are made of atoms, molecules, and organisms. It makes me feel so close to nature thinking this way:)

  3. I had never heard the term MEME before reading this post. Well, I’ve contributed to the MEME after reading Grace’s MEME, and now, I’ve come full circle back to you. The amazing thing is that I’ve learned quite a lot and gained different perspectives from this MEME of Commonality. Ironically, MEMEs are somewhat like gossip per se, everyone puts their own individual spin on it, and the story changes somewhat or dramatically with each carrier. I can see that we have a lot of commonalities, but one commonality I’d like to mention is that before this MEME, I’ve never felt compelled to respond. I liked this one because there were only two questions to ponder; although once I started answering, I really enjoyed the questions and discovered that I could list more than the minimum of 5 answers per question. Anyone curious to read my responses may visit:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m been browsing around your blog and it’s really cool and comfortable for me. I feel right at home.

    Peace, Light and Love


  4. CordieB:

    Gracious thanks.

    While I am in search of commonality, I do applaud differences.

    In this MEME I am searching for the types of commonality, whatever they may be, that never let us forget, we are in this together.

    I love your blog. It is rich and I look forward to reading more and more.

    Blessings to you.


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