Sharing of Blessings

So, guess what?

I have been blessed.

I am (in part) a litigation attorney.

Today, I need to work, despite my preference to go out and place bread and apples among the trees, my offering to nature on Good Friday.

So be it, I will find time later.

In the midst of working, I need a favor, some documents e-mailed. The other attorney has her assistant respond. She responds professionally and quickly on this day that many offices and the Courts are closed.

She signed her e-mail, the salutation, “Peace & Blessings”.

Oh yes, God spoke to me today.

How exciting to see such a sign off in the litigation world.

I responded of course: Namaste.

I have been blessed today and I offer it up to all of you, we can crawl from beneath the rocks and send peace and blessings in our everyday and our otherwise work/professional communities.

I said to my husband the above.

He said, and what would you have done if she said: Praise be to Allah?

I said: God has many names.

He reminded me of a conversation he had with a taxi driver, sometime ago, when he was discussing faith and religion and said:

“God is good in every language”.

Now you must know, this morning in my head, in between the spaces of law, I have been writing a piece (in my head) on the Divine and foreign languages.


Blessings in Abundance!


13 thoughts on “Sharing of Blessings

  1. Open to possibilities
    and alive…
    You are a blessing in so many ways.
    A hug for the affirmations
    a smile for the share
    And Blessings in abundance right back to you!

  2. Hope there is room for at least a few more blessings from those of us who think your sweet gentle spirit is a great blessing to us. 😉

    Peace, blessings, and a big warm namaste in every language!

  3. Surface Earth, blessings always come in different packages. I believe we’re each surrounded by them. Funny, a friend asked me whether a particular lawyer would be working on this Easter weekend. This friend has a few issues to wrap up quickly. I sense your post is a sign that my friend should call the lawyer’s mobile. Blessings 2U!

  4. Ahh…I loved this post it spoke to my heart!

    I loved what the taxi driver said too…sage messages are all around us if our hearts are open to them. 🙂

    Blessings to you too dear one.

  5. Where do I begin? This showering of blessings here, I bow my head………..

    So I begin at the beginning….

    Sorrow: I appreciate greatly in return what you have brought here. I also applaud a level I had not thought of – awake, aware! Aware, indeed!

    Ronnie: from you? from the universe? bring it on!

    Scarlet! oh hello, hello! Namaste!

    Grace! Yay! Hello there! Always so nice to you. But you know that!!!

    Enreal: your beautiful soul is welcome!

    CordieB: Feeling the light and loving your blog!

    Liara: I believe in resolution as an attorney, as a trial attorney at that…I hope the synchronicity brought peace.

    Gypsy: It was actually my husband who said that, you think I should perhaps edit? Laughing out loud! Can’t wait to jump open and see the newest soul expressions on your blog!

  6. Surface Earth, the resolution is already in the works. Peace abides within the self. Its up to each person to recognize it exists and then tap into it. My friend is grateful for this new opportunity to become more self-aware and to take control of his life rather than permit others to impose limits.

  7. Surface Earth, the synchrony was effective. A resolution is already in the works. Peace is something each of us can find within ourselves. It is waiting to be tapped into. My friend is grateful for his opportunity to review reasons for gratitude in hs life. He chooses to take control of aspects of his life within his control. He also decided no person can intimidate him without his consent.

  8. If God is All, is there anything or anyone in the World that does not represent this?

    The Universe responded in support, in love.

    Have you, perhaps, become more loving and supportive in your own attitudes about yourself anytime lately?

    For one is a reflection of the other. (smiling)

    As a litigation attorney, do you notice that those you work with are all conflicted? And it is with arguments that you succeed?

  9. Liara: I like what you have written, most especially, the underlying message that all of the superimposed emotins/actions require our consent.

    Sue Ann: As to what you have said about God, I find that beautiful and heartwarming. Have I been more loving to myself? Certainly, that is always the goal! Litigation is only successful when there is “resolution”; consequently, “arguments” are lose/lose on many known and unknown levels. We call resolution and its techniques, i.e. mediation: “win/win”.

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