The Dandelion

I turned my head

And You were gone


I hear sounds around the realm of me

I don’t know what they are

What You are doing



I claim

To know You

Better than anyone

But I can’t feel

What would happen

If we surrendered

To the world around us

If we hung our heads

And just admitted

That it was not for us to see


But since

We don’t know

It’s not then pretend,

is it?

I make rules

And regulations

On Your speech

When I defend others

Whose rules?

Not Jesus

I lift from my seat typing those six letters

Lord hear me


If I could explode the world would tremble

If I gave even a percentage

Of what happens inside of me

Even witnessed a moment

Of how

I want to scoop

Up the pain

In the world and tend to it

A gardener

In an untended basket

I want my hat pulled low

My brim to the Earth

I want to bow in thanks

I want to dance

And tell You



When my feet hit Your contours

I want to say

I am sorry for being ashamed


Being alive


I am sorry

I apologize for who I am

that would bow

to You



kiss the dandelion

peeking out

between the cement slabs

9 thoughts on “The Dandelion

  1. We have infinite reasons to celebrate and no reasons to apologize. Delicate life forms everywhere remind us of our precarious inter-dependence. We have much to learn from each other, from the moment we choose to open all our conscious and unconscious (dormant) senses wider.

  2. You are one of a kind, your vision, your soul, you are beautiful. Your words are a glimpse into the everlasting love in your Soul. Blessings on you always!

  3. {{SE}} Some of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had would have been very painful, had I not been able to ‘see’ them from the perspective of my Soul and Spirit. The “view” is definitely different.

    I had the Dr. give my child shots and they were in pain. But it was for their own good. My daughter cried her 1st day of school but sending her there was for her own good.

    Unconditional Love is our 1st thing to remember, as a spiritual being. But the next ones, unconditional acceptance and unconditional tolerance are the most difficult.

    And the reason is…

    To actually BE at Peace with the World and everything in it, requires these attributes.


  4. ToBeMe…..Merci. Apology? yes, that word is there isn’t it? I’m not sure what it reflects yet, I know the “emotion” is real, I do at times feel an apology is in order for living a life of gratitude when innocents do not have that privilege (w/o going into is this our life plan…did “they” decide this for their lesson, etc.) As all of my “poetry”, it is stream of consciousness and often leaves many lessons for me. Peace to you.

    Sue…yes, I do not know if I know of any that have not in fact endured hard experiences/choices/etc. Necessary? I don’t know. I think on this level of life, we we are in this dimension, it is necessary, but is it truly necessary? I think not, I think we have forgotten how to do it a different way.

    Sorrow: imagine the time it took me to type it ever so quickly, perhaps it should not take any longer to think about it? I too am still thinking though! Blessings.

    Enreal: that is what you reflect.

    Liara: yes, I know intuitively that is correct, there is no need to apologize, but for the journey to learn those dimensions.

  5. I particularly love the last verse, S.E. 🙂 The dandalion peeking out of the cement in this fashion speaks to me of the powerful force of LIFE that will make a way to express itself, even if there ‘appears’ not to be a way.

  6. {{SE}} Our Personalities are blocking access to that different way most of the time and we do not realize that Spirit has an altogether different set of values and priorities. Remember a full cup is exactly that, FULL.

    Divinity isn’t about being a control freak. It isn’t about being a super-human. It’s about being Divine and Eternal, as we were created to be.

    Maybe the height of joy for the dandelion’s existence was your notice?

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