Is this what we are saying?

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Namaste my friends.
We live within a world of dimensions.
The dimensions allow us to put our heads down at night,
on a seemlessly innocent pillow,
as children,
our soul kin,
have no rest.
Yes to focusing on what we can do to help,
not losing track,
getting overwhelmed by the
nature of this global mess.
But yes,
to remembering,
when I go to sleep,
there is a child,
that begs,
for the help,
of a semi-sane adult.
To that, I leave you.
Peace be unto you.

5 thoughts on “Is this what we are saying?

  1. The very MOST we can do, is take responsibility for the thoughts and emotions were are radiating into the collective bucket.

    We say “namaste” but we do not understand it for the most part, for if we truly know ourselves to be Spirit, then there is NO attitude or thoughts of being a victimized or ‘wronged’ in any way..

  2. ps. ALL the dimensions are right “here”, right “now”. There is no separation between them. I share with you a challenge. (smiling)

    Take a 3rd dimensional tool of measurement and measure your thoughts and feelings.

    It can’t be done. That leaves us with 2 choices. Either our thoughts and feelings exist in another dimension or they don’t exist at all.

    We are all inter dimensional beings and we know it, just don’t realize it.

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