Don’t criticize yourself

Don’t criticize yourself

there may already


a long line

of people

behind you

unable themselves

to look within the mirror


7 thoughts on “Don’t criticize yourself

  1. Smiling. A great reminder. Another commonality we humans share I guess. I like to catch myself when I hear self-criticism arising, and then thank the universe for another chance to practice love and compassion for myself. Some lucky days I get more than one chance to practice. 🙂 Also get a lot of practice finding the love and compassion for those who drive me crazy. 😉

    Namaste my dear SE.

  2. Live each day with out putting poison in your own well, I like that, to many folks ready to pee in it for you…

    Constructive criticisms?
    Destructive criticisms?
    Critical of all that we see and do, more to be appreciative, instead…?
    Always words that take me on in inner journey…
    Thank you

  3. Where did the self-critisism originate? Why is it so hard to stop? Being aware of it does in fact negate it though. Thanks for the post, and to all the commentors. I’ve learned something. Again.

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