Life Unfolded

Do you ever wonder,

why you are here?

In blogland?

Is that even a word, blogland?

I sit in the spaces,

of the music tonight,

Sarah McLaughlin playing,

I could not find the other cds I wanted to hear,

it does not make her unworthy,

but perhaps,


Did I tell you the story?

Once upon a time,

there was a little girl,

she was too big,

yet too small,

she set off for school,

on one of those buses,

you know,

the yellow ones,

she couldn’t reach the first step,

but refused the help of her family,

the bus driver reached down,

across three ascending steps,

a hand,

and grabbed her,

into tomorrow.

He reached,

and she held,

and she stepped,

into the time,

that was not defined.

She was gone.

She spent the days after,



maybe only once,

being forgotten,

on the very front seat of the bus,

the one behind the driver,

reflected in that big mirror,

but not seen,

the littlest one,

there that day,

into the bus pulled into the yard,

and someone,

a stranger,

found her,

unaccounted for….

she arose the next day,


and got back up those stairs,

without a hand that time,

she did not want one.

She got off the bus,

the right stop this time,

and at three,

or was it four,

she remembered,

the sun playing across the cement,

the butter in her hand,


without the excuse of bread.

The way the sun

sat upon the world,

not asking,



And in this moment,

this fresh, new Spring,

she wonders,

if the girl,

will have her back.

4 thoughts on “Life Unfolded

  1. S.A. I came across the following link some time ago; and for some reason it came to mind when I visited your site today–perhaps because you have under your “Giving” category listed an Autsism cure link. But for some reason, I thought you’d benefit from watching the following wisdom flash link. I did, although I do not personally know of any one diagnosed with autism. It gave me an insight I’d never realized. It’s seven minutes, but worth the watch.

    Peace, Light and Love to you and yours,

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