Imitate God

I saw a sign this morning in front of a small church:


God forgets the past-

Imitate Him

I smiled.  How simple.  How profound.  If you do not naturally know how to forget the past, you can pretend you do. 


Wait, imitate?  what do they mean imitate?  how do I imitate “God”?  I don’t even know if God is pure light or someone that looks like me and you.  How do I imitate that which I can’t see?


Ah, I imitate the action.  But is it action or is it non-action when you forget the past?

I decided to vote in favor of action, because for many of us, forgetting the past is in fact action, it requires “something”, clearing our mind, focusing on a simple picture in our minds, but certainly, navigating ourselves from visiting past paths that cannot be changed.  The only thing you can do by visiting the past is effect the present and the next present and so on.


Ok, so I began to get a handle on this…then I thought “imitate”, as in copy?  I felt the need to look up the word imitate…not sure I really  understood. on “imitate” lead me to a variety of similar definitions, the majority of which referred to copying a person or image.

Well ok then, I was not feeling quite so foolish for my desire to look up the word imitate and take the simple six word message I saw earlier today and turn it into a voluminous meandering post.

As I continued to read the definitions, the word “act” jumped out at me, to strive to copy an act.

Ah………..long breath. 

Now, I can put this to rest, I can live with that interpretation of the word “imitate” and thereby live with the wording of the message.  I don’t know need to figure out what form God takes in order to follow the message.

So copying the Divine, I am presently, forgetting the past and signing off of the last few hours of thought.




13 thoughts on “Imitate God

  1. To me there are things we must remember so that we don’t repeat them – important in both personal relationships as well as politics. But the forgetting I think that is important relates to things like not holding on to being “right” or to some small perceived or real insult that doesn’t mean anything in the bigger picture. Or things like not blaming people now for things they or their ancestors did or may have done many years ago. I see great benefits in forgetting to hold on to anger about something that was said 5 years ago and in forgetting to feel guilt or inadequacy about some small thing we didn’t do “perfectly” at any time in our lives. When possible, I like to start from this moment and move forward.

    But I do hope we never forget these last few years where we’ve learned how unbridled hubris in a nation’s actions leaves a painful and weighty legacy in the present and future of all involved. I don’t know what God would do, but that’s something I hope we NEVER forget.


  2. Hmmm…after reading cordieb’s excellent comment, I want to amend my use of the word “forgetting” as it relates to all those little things we hold on to, and replace it with the words “letting go”. I would never want to forget even one tiny happy moment nor all those learning moments; and, thinking even more about the whole thing, since learning comes from all the good times and all the challenges, I guess I would choose to remember it all after all. 🙂 The yin and yang. And I also believe we can choose to remember and still let go of that which weighs us down and keeps us from moving ahead. One of those glorious simultaneities. No either or. No black and white. No right or wrong. Our society has been divided too long by all that. Maybe God, whoever or whatever that may be to each one of us, is about the “and”.

    Thanks for always presenting us with interesting food for thought, SE.

  3. Imitating the devine is a paradox because in doing so, we are imitating our true nature. Love the thought, I agree it is action. Thought is action as well!

  4. For me, keeping my attention in the present moment can also be a matter of inaction — of just allowing the past to slip away from my mind for now. For instance, when I wake up, I sometimes get the sense that I don’t remember who I am, because I briefly lack any memory of my experiences in the world. I’ve learned to simply allow this state to persist for a few minutes each day, and this has done much to bring me peace.

  5. You use this blog very effectively as a sound board to echo back what you are thinking. To move beyond dictionary definitions of words reveals you are discerning meanings of concepts based on your own life. Its like you realize and accept you receive regular divine messages and take them in.

  6. ((( S.E. ))) Excellent question and thought process. As a Christian, I was taught that God puts our sins in the Sea of Forgetfullness, once we’ve repented. Perhaps that is what the sign is alluding to. Too often, when people speak of their ‘past’, their not really happy about it! lol

    Isn’t the only place where God ‘is’, is the NOW?

  7. I love the quote.
    I have made a decision to put the past behind me, good or bad. I am trying to be in the present moment more often.

  8. Imitate God… if we all would only imitate a bit of what is the essence of Him… we would all be in paradise… it is our journey to this discovery that makes the trip present… it is our wanting to be enlightened… or is it simply in Imitation? hmmm…

  9. Thank you for sharing your thought process..for allowing us to walk in your mind.

    I admit, I walk in my mind too much especially about the past. Not so much about my “hurts” from others such as in childhood…I finally let all of that go. It is the “hurts” that I fear I caused others.

    I am trying to practice copying the divine..but it is a challenge for me sometimes. I know God is supposed to be in the Now..and at times I grasp that very well…but then my mind begins with the questions:

    If God dwells in us..if we are part of the divine then why have we forgotten that? All I have to do is listen to the news, and again I ask why is all of this necessary???

    I am not even sure if I am making any sense, and I hope I do not sound negative. Lately, I have been walking in my heart more..but I found the same questions there. Well, enough of my ramblings.

    Love and light to you dear one!

  10. To all:

    I cannot add to the wisdom of your words, I can only say:

    thank you for continuing my thoughts, thank you for making me think and bless you one and all.

  11. SurfaceEarth, your post is so relevant to all of us who carry our pasts. I came across this Zen quote and wanted to share it :
    “Nature says only a few words:
    High wind does not last long,
    Nor does heavy rain.
    If nature’s words do not last
    Why should those of man?”

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