The close of the night

Brings sweet sorrow




There is a cure


a shorter list

upon waking



9 thoughts on “Self-kindness

  1. interesting the “night visuals” out here this evening, and i was sitting on the porch swing feeling it’s embrace…
    I can not shorten the list, but I can lengthen some of my self imposed deadlines…
    ? will that work the same?

  2. Love the wisdom here… we do get carried away sometimes. This holds so many wonderful meanings in so few words… as always, thank you

  3. A brilliant poem – and an extremely useful one. I would go further, though, and drop expectations altogether. They’re a terrible source of frustration and regret because so often we fall short of them. We can still have goals, dreams, imaginings, as long as we’re also comfortable with whatever we have right now.

  4. Ditto Secret Simon’s response. But for those who must have expectations; to be able to reevaluate them at any given moment is the priceless gift of free will. We must not forget we have options!
    Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  5. HA!,
    Well grounded wisdom for sure. Expectations were killing me until i learned to let go. Now i can make all the to-do lists i want. I just never assign completion dates to anything. My poor wife. Did I mention how wonderful she is. She hasn’t killed me yet. Bless that patient woman.

  6. Ronnie: you are making me laugh!

    Sorrow: ah, I think there is no difference.

    Enreal: you are a beautiful soul.

    Secret Simon: Greetings and Namaste to you! I like what you have shared and will incorporate that in to many of my inward thoughts.

    CordieB: that’s cool, i like your take on the re-take.

    Grace: ah, you know that too can be my list.

    Polar: I am laughing with you and Ronnie! Bless your wife!

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