Scratches on the Matrix

Life does not stop to hold us

We only grasp

Fingernails etched

Against the matrix

of continuing energy


6 thoughts on “Scratches on the Matrix

  1. Going to make a confession, I have some strange inner reaction to the word “matrix” and every time I have looked at this poem, I can not get past the word…
    weird, wonder what my hang up is?

  2. I don’t know?
    I believe strongly in the Path. We can walk it, run it, ignore it, or go backwards. Am I vain for thinking there is a purpose? A conscience? I feel direction when i am most centered. I follow its lead. It always seems a step forward. However in moments of shear panic life is similar to fingernails across a chalkboard. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

  3. Beautifully written with few words..yet saying so much!

    It is thought provoking and that is reflected in the comments.

    ..and so the energy continues. 🙂

    Blessings be…..

  4. Sorrow: I can understand that, because what my words suggest are that we are outside of some inner force.

    Tobeme: Always great to hear your words!

    Polar: you hit it, when most centered…isn’t that the answer?

    Gypsy: 🙂 that is such a lovely thought!

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