“Jesus is the Son of Who?”

FoxNews, tongue in cheek, presents to us, or provides a channel to us, to hear a different perspective on Jesus’ alleged lineage.

Of course, I am only one reader, and hear sarcasm between the lines, as FoxNews reports on the Director, Paul Verhoeven’s, view and account of the possibility of Jesus’ lineage.

Now, I am not without sympthathy as to how such a view could be upsetting to untold millions, but if we are strong in our faith, then we can receive, process and decide for ourselves, yes? Different points of view, so long as they do not oppress, hurt, incriminate or falsely accuse, must be heralded, no?

So I think, Mr. Verhoeven’s views should at a minimum be reviewed with an open mind. Perhaps we could start with this objective viewpoint:

1. We know more today than we knew yesterday; and

2. We know less than we will tomorrow.

The other day driving to Court, I replayed the song: Let it Be from Across the Universe. Then I began to think of my routine prayers from childhood: Our Father and Hail Mary.

As I repeated the Hail Mary after several times, I began to smile, quite wide in fact, when I got to “Mother of God”. If Jesus is the Son of God and Mary is the mother of Jesus, then she is also the Mother of God?

Well, I enjoyed this hyperbole.

So when I see someone brave enough to come out and spin a different version on Jesus’ lineage, I say why not?

What’s the harm, really?

Faith begins and ends within each of us, the tenants are beautiful guidelines, but should never be used as the ultimate guidance on love or kindness and certainly, never used to oppress.

May the Divine bless all of you.



7 thoughts on ““Jesus is the Son of Who?”

  1. I so agree and most especially with this:
    “Faith begins and ends within each of us, the tenants are beautiful guidelines, but should never be used as the ultimate guidance on love or kindness and certainly, never used to oppress.”

    I left a religion that was handed down in my family for generations..a religion that did oppress. My leaving it meant I “died” to them (including my own family).
    I learned that..death brings forth new life!!!. 🙂
    It is a VERY long story..but your words here say all that needs to be said from me for now…

    Thank you for sharing this.


  2. I love what is said about the prayer Hail Mary in this. I see this prayer now as a greeting from the angel Gabriel to Mary, or to the essences of Mary, saying she is full of grace, forgiveness, and she is blessed and all children who come from the womb are blessed as well.

    The prayer incorporates two passages from Saint Luke’s Gospel: “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou amongst women” (Luke 1:28) and “Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb” (Luke 1:42)

    In mid-thirteenth-century Western Europe the prayer consisted only of these words with the single addition of the name “Mary” after the word “Hail”, as is evident from the commentary of Saint Thomas Aquinas on the prayer.[1]

    The first of the two passages from Saint Luke’s Gospel is the greeting of the Angel Gabriel to Mary. The word κεχαριτωμένη (kecharitomene), here translated as “full of grace” admits of various translations. Grammatically, the word is the feminine present perfect passive voice participle of the verb “χαριτο-ω (charitoō)”, which means “to show grace” and, in the passive voice, “to have grace shown one.” The form of the verb is intensive, hence the translations “full of grace”.[2]

  3. You are so open minded, S.E. 🙂 It’s wonderful! Not many are willing to look at any speculation or even additional ‘facts’ about Jesus that are outside the Christian box.

    To the fundamentalist, any idea that bucks their strongest tenents of Faith (i.e., virgin birth, Son of God, physical resurrection), is sure to come up against opposition. Frequently, very energetic opposition.

    How many people are literally stuck in the quagmires of man-made religion and dogma simply because they are too FEARFUL to consider new information?

    This is a very….relevant….issue for me. And all I really can say to most people, regarding Jesus, is: Exactly WHICH Jesus do you have faith in?

    🙂 Hugs

  4. Thanks for sharing your perspective SE. While reading your post, I thought about the Hail Mary’s I would recite as a child. I once found a small pocket sized Catholic book with a cross on the front with instructions on reciting such. I grew up in a baptist church, but found these prayers quite comforting. But I’m surprised I never gave a second thought to “Mother of God.” So does that mean that Mary came before God (in order to be His mother)? Or does the reference really mean Mother of Jesus. Just curious.

    Peace, Light and Love to you and yours,

  5. Hi SurfaceEarth 🙂 I wanted to go with a feeling I had to mention something else in my comment of the Hail Mary, and that is to say what I felt when I read this prayer, written this way, it made me feel that we are all just simply blessed when born, not born necessarily with original sin.

  6. To contemplate the truth or inaccuracies about Jesus’ supposed lineage distracts the human mind from why he came to be in this world as long as he did. Life is all about learning to step back from distractions to focus more on truth and healing.

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