Helping Children:

New York Times reports: The Risk to Children in Myanmar

I read this article today and it hit me, yes, of course, the children are not just lost, without loved ones to protect them, but now in a further position to be exploited.

What can we do?

Children are children without geographical boundaries.

All children are our responsibility to raise up, as we will be theirs, in our older years.


Feed the Children

Unicef Organization

Bloomberg online

Save the Children

Global Giving


10 thoughts on “Helping Children:

  1. It always comes down to the children.
    Thanks SE, will see what I can do!
    good to see you posting again!

  2. I agree with is good to see you posting again and we will all see what we can do.

    I like your new look!

    Love and light to you dear one!

  3. ((( S.E. )))

    Welcome back and I love the new color scheme 😉

    And thank you for raising awareness for the sake of the children.

  4. Thank you for your love that shines trough your concern with the helpless. Even the thought on “What can we do?” miraculously enrich us ourselves.
    Thanks once again.

    It is sorrowful to think that my hearty Thank you is all I can to do in the concrete. I see that just the beauty of the emotions is of little help to the children, but can I offer anything more than that while being myself in a need of daily support ?
    Therefore let me ask you for the help to avoid the empty words. Please visit my

    I hope you will sense the light here and thus your joy will enable me too feel myself better.
    Thank you.

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