there is nothing
left to say
you go hollow
beyond reason.

is it a bad
to be?

The space in between?

Have you ever felt
the moments
when they stretch
when time defies logic
in fact
when “time” is not
even present?

When it, you, life, just is?


10 thoughts on “Now

  1. I often go to “the place inbetween”

    Sometimes we need to just “let be”…for that is where we gather our energies.

    Good and creative energies to you dear one!

  2. Thank you. I love your poetry.

    Yes I know the moments when time defies logic and know them very well.
    That experience is the precious gift.
    While reading your poetry , I felt myself in your verses. Though living with disabilities has lots of hardships, but it gifts the practical experience of the life in between space and edit all our desires by helping recognize the everlating values and hold on them.
    By the way, all my artworks appear in a space of glorious beyond and strive to help me to get in there by the comprehension of the steps I need to take.

    Thank you.

  3. Ahh, “the space in between,” is yet just another essence of being. Floating in what is, is all that it is meant to be.

    In my theological studies I learned many names for “God,” in many different languages. One name for God meant “the infinite,” or “that without end.” These questions you pose brought to my mind this name for Divinity.

    Thank you for your wise and thought-provoking prose, SE! I love your poetry.

  4. hollowed out
    is waiting for
    light to pour in.
    hollowed out
    in the spaces
    For me
    the most comfortable of all places is the void…
    the embrace of absolute

  5. That is-ness is always here, I think. We just need to let all the stuff of illusion get out of the way. Then is-ness rushes in, like water onto parched sand.

  6. I have felt it too… there is very little in the way of explanation… it simply is… there is little left to say except that there is more… one day we will see, or simply be

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