Coming Home

I read many articles. Many books. Many reflect the path back to ourselves.

If I’m to be “honest” with you, should I be anything else? I would tell you, I believe there is only one “teaching”, one “truth”, whether it is called healing, spirituality, health, religion, love, etc.

The only truth is the heart.

Now this could be confusing because where does the soul then come in?

All I know is the soul and the heart are inextricably woven, not disparate, not separate, so I’m not sure if it matters what I call it.

I can practice yoga to get to my heart.

I can preach pretty words to get to your heart.

In the end, it is the path isn’t it, that divides, sometimes joins and other times enlightens us…the path to a singular, yet timeless, unlimited space. Within and beyond us.



One thought on “Coming Home

  1. I see you understand well… your words speak wisdom… one day when we are ready all will understand your words… One day indeed…

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