Obama: Today’s Next Vision

It is not without a certain amount of humility that I write this post.

I am not schooled in politics.

There is something within me that blocks the flow of politics, voices in the media screeching and making me recoil, like mad ravens at a window.

I don’t have much use for “politics”. But I am not so naive as to believe I have the alternative, right, best answer for the world.

Yes, Obama doesn’t have the “past”. Isn’t that why some of us like him, want him, even, as our next President?

In many ways, a Presidential hopeful, and a President, are no different than you or I. It embodies one voice, that position, one; yes, one meant to be held and heard with more fervor and weight, but that is only if we continue to play the sliding scale of humanity we somehow unwittingly inherited and continue to propogate.

What do I hear when the call sounds: “O-Bam-A”?

I hear hope for a new tomorrow. I feel something resonate that has to do with the heart of humanity.

I hear a universal voice.

I can doubt him, why not, it’s what we are taught to do, but I feel, I would rather cast my stones in the basket of hope, we are what we believe and what we manifest. So much more so, if we dare to believe.



6 thoughts on “Obama: Today’s Next Vision

  1. It is a sign of *hope* that you FEEL the way you do about “politics”, for “politics” is based upon ideas of separation. We separate ourselves into groups then compete for what group gets their interest served at what other groups expense. A feeding frenzy actually, where one group feeds off others.

    What the “new” energy of consciousness is all about, is that NO MORE FEEDING is being allowed. The ‘chosen’ cannot FEED off ideas of there being a “not chosen”; the “good” cannot FEED off ideas of there being a “bad”.

    Polarity ideas are no longer being supported and ALL our realities based upon polarity and duality are “coming apart at the seams”.

    Of all the candidates, Obama is the only one, that has ANY chance of being able to deal with what we’ve got coming, for he is the ONLY one, capable of thinking outside of the box.

    “We shall see said the blind man”, whether the masses in our country choose to sink further down a hole or begin to climb out of it. If we choose the same tool we used to dig the hole, the the hole we’re in will get deeper, before we begin to climb out of it.

    I’ve been *for* Obama all the way, ever since I heard he was involved in drugs.

  2. HUM….The two of you are definitely in a much better space than I am where this upcoming election is concerned.

    I don’t think it matters WHO is in the White House…I think the President is just the talking Puppet Head for greater ‘forces’ at work…behind the scenes.

    Perhaps if Ron Paul – my candidate – wins the election (talk about taking a miracle!), I might feel hopeful.

  3. {{{Grace}}}…whomever is elected, it will be a creation of our mass consciousness and, will result in consequences and lessons needed for spiritual growth. Whatever motivation we need, in order to LET GO of our attachments, is what WILL happen. Just look at it as if you were going to turn a herd of stampeding cattle.

  4. I hope you woman are right about this one. I’ve got my political hope for the country in Obama – but we know it takes a village, not one man, to turn things around in the town. Perhaps he’s inspiring enough to at least get some of us off the pot! I honestly would hate the thought of us digging deeper with the same tool – But for some people, we know that it takes hitting rock bottom before they decide to bounce back. If that is the case, then we’ll endure, as always. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  5. There is an energy with him that I feel too..from the very beginning. I can’t explain it, but it is something that I have never felt before! Much to the chagrin of my family. :O

    Energies of love and peace to all!

  6. All:

    Yes, I too respond to the energy. And believe me you, there are moments I hear the whisperings and the warnings of those that will fall for the Anti-Christ! Sorry, too much CCD education in the background.

    But I feel an actual human soul when he speaks and I will give the benefit of the doubt.


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