The New Go Green

Green is cool. I’m all for it. Probably because I’m not quite centered in this world and simply believe we forget to tele-transport ourselves.

I digress.

I do in fact have some kind of point. The point will though meander, be forewarned.

Here are my thoughts on Go Green.

The North East is about to experience a heat wave.

Unemployment rates have soared.

Million dollar homes are in foreclosure.


I now rinse glass and plastics and ask myself, hmmm, what can this hold? Can this hold lentils, rice, vegetables from the garden? GARDEN? Yes, despite the deer, we are trying to grow one.

Ripped up clothes? I keep them. I can make rags or quilts or whatever, and yes, you may have guessed, I am not a gifted seamstress, I am an idea girl, better off spinning tales then making them come to light.

So what does Go Green mean to most of us?


Plain and simple.

Solar panels.

Wind turbines to the extent we can make or otherwise afford them on our roofs.

Making gallons of decaf chilled green tea, pans of baked ziti, organic cookies, whatever and everything in advance before the heat index hits 100 tomorrow. And if the power fails?

Oh boy, we better eat up and eat up quick, thank God the oregano, basil, sage, rosemary and dill hit fruition. Between that and bottles of water, we will get by.

So, what is Go Green to you?

I call it the new survival economy.

Peace to you and yours.



10 thoughts on “The New Go Green

  1. First and foremost to me, it’s about being conscious. The beginning of all change that we ourselves manifest, I think. And for me it’s also about finally learning to transcend labels and belief boundaries and work together to think and act differently. In smaller but still critically important ways, it’s about reusing things and then reusing them again. And not wasting. And turning the thermostat up another notch so the a/c doesn’t work as hard. Or just using a fan instead when you can. And energy-saving appliances and structures. And it’s about driving…but this time driving ourselves to find alternative energy solutions NOW…and creating much-needed jobs as a result.

    This is about a shift of consciousness and a quantum leap in our thinking. And we can only do that if we stop thinking “us” and “them” and start creating a WE.

    Just my thoughts as they spilled out. 🙂

    Namaste my ever conscious and thoughtful friend.

    Ronnie Ann

  2. Did you ever read the book “Into the forest?” for some odd reason your post reminded me of it..
    where is my head these days…

  3. I have already made some changes.
    Here is one that I am excited about.
    I am going to let the grass lawns go around the house here. I plan to replace it with native plants and ground coverings. It isn’t only about watering the grass during the dry spells.
    It is about the time needed for someone to mow the grass and edge it.
    Also, the native plants attract the wildlife that goes with it…like butterflies and birds!
    I started a vegetarian diet a few months ago so I started my garden again (I used to always have one). Just a few things now..but this fall I will have a full garden!!
    I have been studying about eating things that grow naturally in our area…some are considered weeds now. I even found out there is such a thing as dandelion wine. I may try to make some. hee, hee.
    These are just a few things. 🙂

    Thank you for BEING!

  4. Go Green….???? For me, it’s a matter of moment-by-moment decision and consciousness. And intention, maybe.

    Here’s a true story.

    In couple of weeks ago, I woke up to the sound of someone dumpster diving. And I was annoyed when, looking out the window, I saw a couple of people digging through the garbage for bottles and cans.

    My bedroom window faces the back end of the small driveway between the condos – and this is where the two huge communal dumpsters are located for our use. (sidenote. Using a ‘dumpster’ was a big change for me as we had recycling cans at the previous homes we’ve lived in. I’ve never had to bag up my recyclable trash seperately and carry it off to a recycling center. Since moving in to Dumpsterville, I still haven’t done that, and have moments of ‘guilt’ because of it. I simply throw all my trash in the dumpster…and there you have me: a selfish California woman whose attachment to her personal convenience outweighes her responsibility to the planet.)

    So anyway, at first I was annoyed. Then I thought, well – times are tough and these people will make some money from the stuff they turn in. And I was less annoyed.

    Same thing happened this weekend, and again last night (dumpster diving is on the rise here – and I live in a pretty high end town, although I’m in a ‘condo’ and not a home). Same internal things happened, too. I was annoyed. Why are these people digging through our trash again? They’ll leave the lids up again, and the animals will get in there…blah blah blah bitch bitch bitch.

    Then I thought about them needing the money – and was not so annoyed but more thoughtful. And prayed that they would find enough to keep their lives together.

    And suddenly – for the first time – I realized that these people were doing for ME what I wasn’t doing for myself or the earth…at least, where bottles and cans are concerned.

    I immediately went from thoughtful to completely humbled.

    And I thanked them.

  5. We had sunshiny day #5 for this YEAR where I live today. But the temps still never got above the 40’s.

    Global warming? …not where I’m living.

    Americans becoming inconvenienced is one way to create a great deal of motivation for us to come up with solutions. You know, good ole’ ‘yankee ingenuity’? Haven’t you noticed? The problems we solve for ourselves, we solve for our world, too.

    Coast to coast, this country is filled with engineers and adventurers. Just watch over th next couple of years….

  6. Girls:

    Step by step yes?

    Part of the issue is a feeling of us Tech Kids of going backwards to a more primitive time.

    In many ways though, I am finding it to be more enlightening to learn of the natural wonders/miracles right outside of my door.

    Peace & blessings.


  7. ‘Primative’? chuckling….


    Keep It Simple Sweetheart.

    An Economy with a sense of economy in it, really does make a lot more sense then one that doesn’t have any.

  8. It means being conscious or aware to me as well.:) questioning when something does not feel right, and treating our earth as we would want to be treated ourselves.

    For little things I have begun to use non-toxic cleaning supplies, which I still learn of, the essential pure oils, made from things that are not chemicals, like 8 drops of lavender oil in a pail of hot water to clean floors, or drops of lemon oil on a rag to dust, and baking soda and pure vinegar for most all other things.

    I found I dreaded cleaning before, mostly because of the headaches the smells of the cleaning supplies would give me, but now I love it, it is almost like a type of meditation, to clean:)

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