Love is the highest of vibrations

I think I get it now.

I understand the positive, positive and positive bent of some of my fellow bloggers.

I finally get,
to focus on negativity is to beget negetavity.
No two ways about it.

Love resonates at a higher level.
If we embrace moments with the reflection of love,
we actually

Hard to swallow,
because really,
who wants to believe
for the lowest moments of their lives?

suppose we learn we are,
and then can
the negativity?



11 thoughts on “Love is the highest of vibrations

  1. Ah yes..I so agree LOVE is the highest of vibrations!
    I’ve said it often and I’ll say it again and again…


    Love, light, and peace of heart to you dear one!

  2. Energy follows thought. The eye directs the flow.

    Whatever we focus on, think about – that we energise.

    Imagine if we all focussed on love for a while? How amazing would that be?

  3. SE… I loved this piece… I see your light shining again and it makes me smile… your intuitions are correct, words beautiful and full of knowledge…
    “…Hard to swallow,
    because really,
    who wants to believe
    for the lowest moments of their lives?…”

    indeed… who really wants to believe, and if this is the case, could we be responsible for the highest moments? I wait for that day

  4. 🙂 What we focus on, grows. Yep. That’s pretty much the way it seems to work on a good day. LOL

    S.E., are we responsible for the making of all the ‘moments’ themselves, or how we respond to the moments?

  5. Grace:

    You leave me with a highly charged open ended question. Of which I thank you for.

    “Are we responsible for the making of all the ‘moments’ themselves, or how we respond to the moments?”

    Perhaps, the only way I can take on this beautiful iceberg is to start at the word “responsible”.

    Are we responsible for that we don’t know?

    Answer: no

    Are we responsible for where we have landed?

    Answer: yes, with conditions.

    We as a race of people have been taught to forget, consequently, I am unsure that any of us can be responsible for that which do not know.

    I do know, there is power in love, and that for whatever reasons, ourselves and our ancestors have been shielded or kept from same. In that regard, we inherit the responsibility for that which we live.

    Does it in turn make us responsible for our ills?


    I do not believe that…I do believe though, that if we could reconnect to the ancient and beginning knowledge, we would not struggle with our present issues. But that dichotomy is beyond present human ken and consequently judgment.

    I do know that we possess the ability to tap inward and to stop the flow of what we have been force fed from birth. That in turn does not equal judgment. That in turn does not equal responsibility.

    It is a matter of awakening. And in this day and age, hoping, our awakening is not without a hand to hold, to tell us, yes, we are not nuts, we are not crazy, we truly belong to something bigger and better than what our limited sight perceives.

    Peace be unto you, dear Grace.


  6. Enreal:

    we often reflect back that which is the best of us.

    Thank you for shining your light.


    I left a wordy response because you left an open ended question. (See that, blame…blame…blame…lol!)

  7. Gypsy: what I can I possibly say? Your drawings depict the human heart and soul, your words, echo the same. Blessings in abundance to you.

    Zenuria…welcome, welcome, welcome. You will find some truly gorgeous souls stopping in here from time to time. Peace to you.

  8. I read this one days ago..
    And i have sat with it, and thought about it. At first i got stuck on the first part, The part about the positives that are predominate in the blog world. Then i moved to the responsibilities…and that one really turned over and over. I have a lot of trouble with a individuals who do not take responsibilities for their choices. To many who blame God and circumstance for where they are in life. They refuse to look at the choices that they have made, and the impact of those decisions.
    Then you moved back to the negativity, and I thought again about how life is 5% what happens to you and 95% what you DO with what happens to you.
    I sat with this one in the back of my mind for days, thats how powerful and thought provoking it was for me. Like a message in a bottle, that makes you stop and check and think.
    With deepest Gratitude…
    Thank you.

  9. Sorrow:

    Y0ur kindness is shining through, it’s got a golden glow.

    You have enriched me with your thought process, one which I too will contemplate for days before I could possibly respond in depth.

    The greatest of blessings to you.

    May we count our moments of Gratitude as money in our pocket.



  10. OH, you can ‘blame’ me all you want if you’ll just keep writing out such profound thoughts 🙂

    I was relieved to see you don’t necessarily buy into the idea that ‘we’ create all of the bad experiences in life that we experience. This is one of those areas of ‘co-creation’ that I still can’t quite grasp – you know, the thought that EVERYTHING we experience is directly drawn into our lives by our own vibrations or whatever.

    Sometimes I think S*** just happens.

    What we do with it when it shows up, is what is important 🙂 (which I think is what you are saying as well).

    Grateful for your heart today, S.E.

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