Sacred Contract

I draft a contract to myself,
one you may find amusing,
resourceful or contemplative.

I begin…

I honor myself
as I did
before I knew either
the definition
the spelling
of honor

I honor myself
as a child
with the face
to the

I honor myself
and forgive
my past
lack of realization

I honor myself
and forgive
my past

I honor myself
and forgive
for what
I thought
think you
have done

I honor myself
and covenant
that if I cannot think with love
I will neutralize
my thoughts
and think
without judgment

Peace to you today. You are beautiful.


7 thoughts on “Sacred Contract

  1. Ohhhhh, this is WONDERFUL!!!!!

    In keeping with the Spirit of things, I have an agreement with myself, too. When I was little I used to enjoy ice cream. I didn’t need a reason, either. So my agreement with myself is that I don’t need a reason to enjoy Now. I need not hold it from myself for a day I’ve been a “good” girl. I can enjoy eating ice cream even when I’ve been verrrry “bad”.

  2. I think more people in this world need a contract such as this with themselves, so often we forget to love ourselves and treat us like we do them. Thanks for sharing this contract, it’s beautiful!

  3. I read these comments, and my first, unedited thought was to begin my response:


    Because in truth, aren’t you that? part of the shared energy?

    I write about the Sacred Contract because it is what I have found and gleaned from all of you.

  4. Thanks SA for the beautiful reminder. We all need to honor the sacred contract with ourselves. Life would be so much easier if we did. We make life far too complicated – we should simply embrace it without self and outer judgement. Thanks for sharing! Your words have graced and humbled me this weekend – Thanks for being. Peace, Light and Love . . . CordieB.

  5. Cordie:

    There is a sacred contract which weaves itself into the energy of your blog. Perhaps anything we write here is simply a mirror reflection.

    Blessings to your big heart today.


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