The Untold Story

What is the story that you have not told?

Is there only one?

Is it the story that creeps upon you in the darkest part of the night,

or the one,

in the full light of the Sun,

that glares at you,

on your way to work,

daring you to deceive it?

Do you have a story untold?

One that would free your heart,

if only,

for a moment,

you were the breath

of air

that lit



of the fire?


9 thoughts on “The Untold Story

  1. I have lost that story… it is buried somewhere in my mind… it is the story of my sadness, of my pain… that is the story which remains untold… I have not yet found the key to the place in my mind…

    this made me think about the key…

  2. Sorrow: So it is. I am not suprised.

    Zenuria: often like a google search, no?

    Enreal: I often wonder if we do in fact know the key, it’s placement, but choose not to use it. Your thoughts?

    Gyspsy: I for one will be happy to watch it unfold on canvas.

  3. I am living a story too. What I need to do, I think, is to press Control All and then Delete. And then live what remains.

  4. When we begin to realize we are not our story but the READER of our story, then we also realize that AS the alpha & omega, we began at the very beginning and will be around to the very end.


    Even the best loved stories grow old and boring after we’ve read them 10, 20, 30 or so times.

  5. Hi there all. The untold story….what did I even mean? I think I meant the lack of recognition for who we are, the “socialization” (I steal this term) of ourselves.

    I thank you all for opening my eyes to your varied responses.

    Bless you.

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