Where do we begin?

Where do we begin when we sit separate; yet, never apart

in this Divine Matrix

of energy?

I wonder at times,

why I write here,

and then wonder again,

why not?

I share with you to night, a small sliver from a beautiful, beautiful book:

(an excerpt of an excerpt)

Poem by Phillip Lopate

We who are

your closest friends

feel the time

has come to tell you

that every Thursday

we have been meeting,

as a group,

to devise ways

to keep you

in perpetual uncertainty


discontent and


by neither lovng you

as much as you want

nor cuttng you adrift.

Your analyst is

in on it,

plus your boyfriend

and your ex-husband;

and we have pledged

to disappoint you

as long as you need us.

In annoucing our


we realize we have

placed in our hands

a possible antidote

against uncertainty

indeed against ourselves.

But since our Thursday nights

have brought us

to a community

of purpose

rare in itself

with your as

the natural center,

we feel hopeful you

will continue to make unreasonable

demands for affection

if not as a consequence

of your disastrous personality

then for the good of the collective.

For the absolute beautiful narrative leading up to and including this piece, pick up and read:

Anne Lamott

“Bird by Bird, Some Instructions on Writing and Life.”

Peace to you.


7 thoughts on “Where do we begin?

  1. I’ve got to get it tomorrow; as tomorrow’s another Thursday! I’m glad you enlightened us! Your words, “I wonder at times, why I write here, and then wonder again, why not?” struck me like a lightening bolt! Why do we do what we do; why not? Whatever your reasoning is, do know that your words are inspiring and bring forth enlightment and love. PLL, CordieB.

  2. {{{{{hugs}}}}

    Have you ever pondered that the reason why we fall is because we’re like a stick in a teepee? Dependent upon others for support? And when this support is not forthcoming, it is inspiration for us to begin learning how to stand on our own two feet, psychologically?

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