I feel like writing tonight.  Not sure what will land here, but I felt like sharing, or would it be, unburdening?

I have had some really interesting dreams lately, the angels teaching me about pieces of rainbows and how to turn them to heal.

A repetitive dream about escaping from one world to the next, sneaking out through a porthole, that forgive me, was I believe a toilet bowel, the deal was, I had to have faith, dive in and let myself be flushed away.  The thing is, my consciousness, and my self, however you define it, came out from the other side.  And then it happened again and again and again until I awoke near 5 and say ok, enough of that, bring me back to the rainbows.

The rainbows are fast and furious in my mind.  If you go back to the beginning of many of my posts, there was a desperate, desperate search…I needed, wanted, demanded the answers.  Could that be the lawyer in me?  And then, it stopped, and it stopped, without my doing, by the immersion in silence and in nature.  Now, I’m not telling you I had to be in the middle of the woods, I could have been on a busy street, on a stoop, lucky enough to have a pot of geraniums at my side, but I needed to be.  And I found I could not “be” in the continuous cycle of putting on a face.  Whoever that other is, that seeks to say, hey, hey – aren’t I cool, aren’t I loveable?  Let me show you, you will see.  Well, she went somewhere else, age, you ask?  Perhaps.  And if so, blessings.

The point being, there is a quiet solitutude that has nothing to do with loneliness.  That may be because I am fortunate enough to be withn reservoirs of love, or is that because, becoming aware, I stepped within reservoirs of love and decided to stay put?

That’s it.  Sin-e.

Best of blessings, peace, wholeness, and undoubtedly, self-healing to you.  Faith can move a mountain.  I have always had a problem with it, until I got out of my own way, and realized it was true.

Live from the heart.

Live honest to you.

You’ll be ok.



12 thoughts on “Hi

  1. I drank that in. Thank you for sharing, SE. Oh those dreams…the flushing of toxins and the rainbows at the other end once you awoke…rainbows you yourself asked for. But this time not in an urgent searching beseeching way…just accepting that they belong to you. And they do. And to all of us.

    Thanks dear friend for the words. And even in rich silence, all is heard. 🙂

    Big namaste to ya!

    Ronnie Ann

  2. Beautiful post!

    “I got out of my own way” ..for me ’tis the silence that allows me to do so. 🙂

    “live from the heart” sums it up for me too..and what a magical and peaceful place that is…eh?

    Energies of love and peace of heart to you!

  3. Hello, there. Are you … you? A. told me to search for “surface earth,” and this is what I found, and you seem like you, but then maybe there are lots of you out there, roaming around.

    If I have accidentally on purpose stumbled upon the correct surface, hello! If I have accidentally on purpose stumbled upon an unknown surface, hello anyway. 😉

  4. SE… I have experienced this solitude… not loneleiness… it feels amazing…

    I have experienced dreams… some wonderful, others strange… learn form them… you are indeed on point… it is your angles and your mind… revealing the secrets to life… 😉 (not in the toilet bowl)

    SE I am happy I stopped by today… I feel your words pointed something out to me, something I needed to hear… thank you for sharing your life and love… blessings always

  5. I think your rainbows are traveling out through the internet! Not for the first time, I’m getting some really positive vibes as I flip through some of my favorite blogs tonight. Yours has been the most powerful. I started reading your post and the lights flickered and I suddenly felt really strong energy, particularly at my throat chakra. Wow! Of course, it’s always possible that there’s something really badly wrong with our home electrics, but I don’t think so. Sue Ann has been telling me that my computer problems are due to the energy of the blogging I’m doing. I should know better than to disbelieve her!

    Anyway, thank you, SE!! You really did send out self-healing, I think.

    And to have left that part of you that demands approval behind is wonderful. That peace you have found is the way things really are: the perfect way that *you* are, now that the futile struggling to be something else has ceased.

  6. Simon:

    The timing was rather perfect.

    Who was to know, your comment would arrive at the moment, when we too here at Surface Earth, needed an infusion of positive light?

    Thank you for the gift.

    You are circled in light. But I think you know that.


  7. Enreal:

    I have experienced both, sometimes I believe, or have believed, they stem from a disconnect. Regardless, the manifestation of the feeling is incredibly real.

    I feel such a good energy (kind of new age of me) coming from your post, I still am working on the quotes from your tag, the thing is, the quotes I like most are those that pass on the wing of a butterfly, in the whisper of a breeze, in the sheer innocence of children. You aren’t always left with the pure quote, but rather, the sensation of beauty. Not sure how to get it done yet.

    Peace to you. So nice to see you.


  8. “Hello, there. Are you … you? A. told me to search for “surface earth,” and this is what I found, and you seem like you, but then maybe there are lots of you out there, roaming around.

    If I have accidentally on purpose stumbled upon the correct surface, hello! If I have accidentally on purpose stumbled upon an unknown surface, hello anyway. ;-)”

    This is just lovely Brina.

    Am I who?

    Am I me?

    Am I SE?

    It depends, when your friend told you to search for Surface Earth, what was it she thought you might want to find?

    Yes, this is me, not sure if this is the me you were looking for. I do believe though, that this is the me I have been looking for ever since I lost her!

    Peace to you, greetings and light. Welcome to the rainbow!


  9. Gypsy:

    Why is it I believe, you came from the dark mystical woods of the Celts? Funny I say dark, because the light that fell through the darkness was golden like no other.

    Peace. Paint, show us a different world, your artwork is beyond description.


  10. Ronnie:

    Dare I say, we missed you?

    Thank you for your exuberance, the sheer love for humanity that comes through your words. That darn compassion, how is it to be described?

    You lift others up, you I think, do it without even thinking twice.

    Abundant blessings to you dear friend.


  11. SE~
    I once again enjoyed where your words took me.
    Peace and silence, maybe age,
    but something
    some magical
    place of purpose and understanding,
    just picks you up and moves you out of the way…of you.

    thanks, it was a nice needed place to visit today…

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