Thanks & Gratitude

I want to post something simple today.

Thanks and gratitude for my life.

This is a simple post in many ways, but I want to share, I begin…

I give thanks for the ability to receive love.

I give thanks for the ability to understand love.

I give thanks, for each part of my body, my mortal shell, that operates at its best efficiency.

I give thanks, for the numerous markets near me, to pick and choose, what shall land on my family’s plate.

I give thanks, that I can share my earnings to other family, beyond my immediate circle.

I give thanks, for the state of mind, that allows me to keep earning.

I give thanks for the ability to walk out the door, go to a store, and buy essentials that make my life easier.

I give thanks for the ability to smile in the face of adverse circumstances.

I give thanks to remember that I smiled in just such circumstances.

I give thanks for the ability to use my fingers to play across this keyboard.

I give thanks that I can stand, sit, dwell, hear and ask to pray for those that are without hope.

I give thanks that I live and was born within a county that does not stone people for adultery.

I give thanks that I can stop here and ask all of you to use the power of word and the power of prayer to hope, that only God, and not practicing mortals, decides the fate of the nine in Iran sentenced to die by stoning for alleged adultery.

I give thanks that I have the courage to ask you to stop what you are doing and send a positive prayer to the universe to save those people, our brother and sisters.

I give thanks that someday we become united again, outside the dictates of society.

I give thanks that you took a moment of your day to stop in.

Peace to you.



9 thoughts on “Thanks & Gratitude

  1. SE~
    I am so touched by what you share here, it’s always so full.
    full of thoughts
    full of care
    full of life
    just so full of so many things.
    Thank you..for the difference you make in my days..

  2. Thank you … only Tank You makes indeed us alive and omnipotent in the gratitude that blossoms out the true love – shines the miraculous light that drops no shadows.
    Thank You opens our windows towards the world and the miracle happens – thus I discovered the whole world in my tiny room and all people were not the strangers but the dear fellows – my family – the inner circle – the bearers of the same spirit that makes the sacred dreams the daily walk.
    Thank you for so wonderful picture which beauty lays in your outlook toward the essence of the life and warms our hearts while reading your blog.

  3. What a beautiful post – a post of gratitude. We are so blessed; and so often we do not stop to smell the roses. I give thanks for all you have said above! I also give thanks to you for sending us such a gentle reminder. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  4. You are beautiful… I felt the energy of this post strong… the universe only magnified it… I give thanks to you… my dear friend for enlightening me repeatedly with words of beauty and sweet sorrow… for it is in your words I find my solace… my peace… my ignorance through knowing you know and being fine with that… bless you my friend always for your beautiful energy!

  5. I would like in some way to respond individually to all of you. Yet, the responses have truly set a wave of gratitude and love to flow and I hesitate to disrupt it.

    Peace and love-


  6. I felt that wave of love too. There really is something very powerful about your blog! Thank you so much for this post, and for highlighting the situation in Iran. I have sent some healing to it.

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