The confinement of Knowledge & Life beyond Earth

Knowledge as defined by Merriam-Webster online includes the awareness of something, being familiar with something and the cognition of facts.

Many times, if things do not fall within our knowledge, we automiatically presume the “things” to not be true or to not exist.  Funny, isn’t it?

Would it not be just as easy to presume that what we don’t know may have as great of a chance of existing as not exisisting?

For instance, why is the idea of life beyond our known Earthly world so hard for many to fathom?

Today, it takes headlines because a well known, much followed former Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, publicly speaks that the government has been covering up the existence of other life forms for at least six decades.



What seems more shocking to me is that we could honestly believe that we are the only living beings, race of people/intelligent life/etc. in the vast unknown of space.

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8 thoughts on “The confinement of Knowledge & Life beyond Earth

  1. I agree with you on this we are not alone! There has to be life on other planets and how do we know that they are no visiting us. Frankly, I am sure they are and they probably can’t figure us out.

    Love and Blessings,

  2. {{{{hugs}}} SE….

    I disagree with the dictionary’s definition, for I consider it silly to define something by what it isn’t.

    “Knowledge” that doesn’t come from “knowing” is NOT what I consider as any sort of ‘knowledge’…just doesn’t make any kind of sense at all.

    Knowing, comes from our Hearts, not our heads. *Knowing* doesn’t have anything to do with intellect or mental exercises.

    Of course, there are other beings in the universe, in this dimension and others. Did we really believe that all that space had been created just so we could enjoy looking at it?

    Did you happen to read the article about the Vatican’s astronomer saying the same thing? The Jesuit that is the astronomer is a very Courageous Soul, for the “Church” isn’t going to like the idea AT ALL. Here’s quote from one of the churches religious zealots: God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Eve and Aliens.

  3. Interesting post, dearest SE!

    I know what I have seen from the spirit world…we are not alone in this dimension.


    Too many unexplained events now and concerning past “advanced” civilizations tell me that there was/is something beyond what we know as Earth.

    Energies of love, light, and peace of heart to you!


  4. I’m kind of surprised that it’s suddenly headline news that Edgar Mitchell holds views which some might consider to be ‘wacky’ when he’s been freely expressing such views for years. Indeed, he founded the IONS organization expressly to investigate the interface between science and spirituality, not an area of knowledge which might be considered ‘mainstream’. But for those of us who share your belief that ‘what we don’t know may have as great a chance of existing as not existing’, it holds fascinating possibilities.

    I love the way you describe people’s ridiculous tendency to absolutely dismiss anything which lies outside their knowledge – and also that phrase of Sue Ann’s: ‘did we really believe that all that space had been created just so we could enjoy looking at it?’ Humans sometimes seem to have such a limited imagination. So many of us are like laboratory rats, happy to investigate the maze we’re in, but unable to imagine anything outside it.

  5. Enreal! I think in some ways I have done exactly what you expressed. I think that some of my searching for “answers” was really my way of trying to disassemble the Divine, at times, by habit, believing it easier to not know.

    Angelbaby! Welcome. I look forward to seeing your blog and I agree: there has to be more out there.

    Sue Ann: I love your certainty. And I am still smiling at what you have shared: that somehow the rest, the vast what we call expanse, was made just for us to look at! And the article you mentioned, no I have not seen it, any chance you have a link handy?

    Gypsyheart: Do share what you have seen!!!

    Simon: how right you are. I almost prefaced the post by adding this was not the first time he stepped forward, but I didn’t and glad I did not so you could share that here for us. I think I too have been a rat content to only sniff out my maze!

  6. Interesting indeed. Why cover it up? That’s the question I ask. Any person with an ounce of intelligence would know that earth cannot be the only place where life exists; let alone seemingly intellegent beings. When I was a girl I felt that all animals were just as intellegent as humans; they simply communicate differently. As I become older, I’m leaning more toward my childhood theory. Perhaps what makes us less intellegent is the ego itself. Who knows? PLL, CordieB.

  7. Oh Cordie.

    I think for me it is so simple as to always ask or state:

    Nothing from nothing is still nothing. In order for there to be something, there always had to be something.

    And so we are, here in this flux of conflict, the circular dilemma of being.

    Peace to you tonight Cordie.


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