I Gotta Believe

I have to believe

I gotta believe

I do believe.

In bigger, and better, and all encompassing.

I believe,

you and I,

have taken a turn being each other,

and only,

turn away,

because of the recognition of pain.

I salute,

the quiet dignity,

as a woman,

in worshipping in a belief in Islam,



five times a day.

I believe,

in the repetition,

of the Catholic prayers,

and rejoice,

in the Catholic,


the ones,

on the wild,

holy rolling,

healing masses,

singing free.

I believe,

in the coverings,

of the women,

I  have known,

and have seen,

of Jewish faith,



and not so much,

some mainstream,


in belief.

I believe,

in the Celts,

that danced,

under the full moon,

while still worshipping the sun.

I believe,

in the way,

my heart,

my soul,

soars on its own,

with the beauty,

of full blown

gospel singing.



not just belief,

it is knowing,




with embracing the unknown.

This I share with you.


I could as easily,

ask to be part of a Gospel Church,

as a Roman Catholic,

I could ask to be divided,

on the side of a curtain,

covering my head,

my arms,

past my knees,

I could ask,

to be fully wrapped,


embracing a God,

within me,

as I bow,

scraping myself upon the ground,

not in subjection,

but in praise,

and in hope, and in love.

I ask us to remember tonight,

the words brothers and sisters,

have no






nor economic bounds

It is simply,

the divine within,

willing to see,

the divine

within others,

the ever flowing love.

Once seen,

never forgotten.

Peace be unto you.


7 thoughts on “I Gotta Believe

  1. This is it


    Take it away

    belief not make it so

    belief allys itself with what lies in the hand of man

    If he can write it he can believe it so

    faith he yells

    have faith in what I say !

    – do not ask why but for how much and ye will receive are words of darkness

    this is the darkness that lie that ask for blind faith.

    God is bigger than all faith, than all belief

    God just is

    find the answers by asking the questions

    do not accept faith and belief and see the true greatness of what is

    man hopelessly defines god, even in name and is untrue to his pursuit

    God just is

    and all falls into place simply

    the greatness of what is rises within

    all else is foolish and the way of devilish mystery that man plays.

    His seductive and destructive self-righteous indignation of the existance as he chooses to define and portray it.

    God just is no belief just is…..

    We have got to get out of own way before we persih in the falseness of “belief”. We are on course for total self annialation.

    and the death of the witness we bear to creation that is god

    we are one within yet seperate in conciousness and thought yet again i say one within

    do not make us all powerful with belief

    that is reserved in its totality for what is and is not, just is

    Through belief we can create that which is and not which is and we choose to believe total annialation, armageddon . This is not the way of the lord but of man.

    God just is and you will see the truth and all that is

    we must live, we must overcome the chaos within harmony or perish and too, our witness to it will perish.

    The greater our witness the greater our responsibility.

    I am but a fool in the midst of love hope charity and peace. It is my lifes minds struggle. I run scared at what I see, the sweetness of seduction belief and faith bring to the masses with the promise of the end of the world and we cherish it. I see the devil that lies comfortably in the hand of man defining that which cannot be defined – playing upon our self riteousness indignation –

    we exist in the midst of the grace of god

    and we ask

    is this it?

    Peace –

  2. AMEN!
    Your words are beautiful SE..and you summed it up perfectly…

    “It is simply,

    the divine within,

    willing to see,

    the divine

    within others,

    the ever flowing love.”

    Energies of love and Peace,


  3. This touched my soul deeper than I could describe here… all I can say is thank you… for this is beautiful, innocent, tolerant, full of grace and knowledge… let s all be blessed with the wisdom and sight you saw in your heart when you wrote these beautiful words…

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