Russia v. Georgia

I need to believe for a moment,

that I,



are in the future.

We are looking back,

reading a textbook,

when humans

actually employed the use of tanks, planes and guns,

to deal with “civilians”.

I need to believe,

in the future,

as I read the text book,

that I am compelled to look up the word:


I need to understand,

the fine line,


expendable humans

and non-expendable humans.

I apologize.

I cannot find a 2008 defintion of same.

I need to understand,

how it can be anyone’s solution,

to put children in harm.

I digress.

Yet, I don’t,

it is all interconnected.

I ask,


what is your view,

do you not feel we should be beyond the “need” for violence

to resolve our

human dilemna?


May we all take five minutes today to pray for same.


6 thoughts on “Russia v. Georgia

  1. Yes, I do feel we should be beyond the need for violence SE. It hurts my heart. I do not understand the need…I try not to harm an insect.

    Sometimes I do not think I belong here. 😦 Yet, reading your words reminds me again that I am not alone in my sadness. That gives me hope, and I do feel energies of change.

    Thank you for asking the right questions.

    Peace of heart to you!

  2. Watching this going on, with some of us in the west wading in as well, I’m reminded of drunks fighting it out in a bar. The clash of egos is no different, and yet we’re supposed to take this seriously. It would be laughable, if only so many innocent people didn’t get hit by the broken glass.

    Like you, I find myself thinking of history text books. We could be reading about something which happened a hundred years ago. We have outgrown so much in that time – why not this?

  3. Gypsy: Your right, I did get it, I understood what you meant. It was almost self-evident by your own posts!

    Simon: yes, that is such a good visual analogy. I see it. Why when we have so many in the majority of goodness does this occur? Is it because unwittingly we feed into the negativity?

  4. I think that may be right, SE. We get sucked in in spite of ourselves. We need to release the emotions deep inside ourselves which make that happen.

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