The Google Search

I was wondering, and am still wondering, how we shape our answers.

I tried to figure out if there is a way to out fox myself.  If I could pose my question in such a way that I could trick myself, then maybe I might find a different answer.

The way we post questions creates our world.  It is difficult to get beyond our own perception.  We may try to trace the origin of our perception, i.e. childhood, to find out where it has gone from there, but we then still move forward from the same point of origin.

I think, maybe, I am understanding the idea of the empty vessel.

This is a difficult subject.

Let me start again.

I am trying to express something that to me goes beyond words.

It began with a thought I had, every time I do a search for answers, a Google search, a search in the book store, a search by queries, verbally to people I meet in alleged real-time, my subconscious has already framed the questions to find a channel of answers.

The question then becomes, how do I get beyond myself to reach the pure channel of information or am I already in it?  As long as I have this other, this human self, that speaks for me, thinks for me, writes for me…will I ever truly know what lies beyond my own sphere of perception?

Namaste!  Thanks for the fireside chat.


9 thoughts on “The Google Search

  1. I find it quite mind boggling that so many of my blogging friends seem to be thinking about the same things at the same times – perhaps coincidence, perhaps universal web webbing us together; who knows! All I can say is that at times it absolutely freaks me out (in a good way). Very interesting and thought provoking entry; “As long as I have this other, this human self, that speaks for me, thinks for me, writes for me…will I ever truly know what lies beyond my own sphere of perception?” That’s a diffulcult one; how do we release perception? can we? Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  2. Yes, the vessel needs to be empty. Most of the time it is filled with thoughts. We need our minds to get out of the way – then see what remains.

  3. Very interesting thoughts… How do we remove the barriers? This could be simply the body or perhaps it is the mind…

    I have no answers for you… simply questions… thats life I suppose… let us keep searching and questioning… every once in a while we get close to an answer. We may never know if it is true, we have no proof… yet somewhere we know… we feel it… the channel of information

    Love that feeling

  4. Cordie, Cordie…I just don’t know. The release of perception would mean new vision, no?

    Simon: the laugh is, when we empty, we in fact become fulfilled!

    Gypsy: has nothing to do with the rising tide at your back door, I’m sure!

    Enreal: ah, I saw a great quote as to questions and of course have lost track of it, but when I saw it I thought of your comment here, and how much it rang true and wanted to share! “Perhaps” I will find it again. Peace out.

  5. Hi SE, just letting you know that I’m back to blogging again.

    This post is quite deep. I need to mull over the points you raised and then take a look at “my world.” 🙂

    Bless up!

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