In a nutshell,

what truly would fit?

Is there something I can share,


that you yourself,

have not thought of?


grammar is but a tool

to help bridge the gap

in communication,

and I will flout

those rules here.


did it matter,

how your hair looked?

what car you drove?

who said what about you?

If so,

you live,



what I would call,

a bubble,

a protected, lovely bubble,

that is no different,

than an oxygen tank.

There is a limit.

I don’t mean to bring you down,

and in fact,

I believe the great deal of you that visit

more than once

know that automatically.

What I am trying to impart,

is that,


is but a knock away.

For some of us,

it can be a knock that resounds as a winning lottery ticket,

or the sense of doom,

before the knuckles fall,

but it is fallible

and ever present





If I am rooted in faith,

external conditions,


they can try,

can’t they?

But then,

isn’t it up to me,

as to how,


they become?

**May you be blessed and protected today.  Namaste.

-Surface Earth


4 thoughts on “Life

  1. Yes, very well put! As you say, “life is but a knock away” and I am still going up and down like a ping pong ball. Most of the time, I realize what is happening – I’m a very self-aware ping pong ball! – but I’m a ping pong ball nevertheless, as long as I let this go on.

  2. Gypsy, your creative spirit always inspires me.

    Cordie: thank you for the heartfelt blessings.

    Simon: I thank you. Yes, you describe it so well, awareness is so very important, but more so, I think as we become the mountain and watch the transient aspects of life and emotion go by us like the patterns of wind, ever circulating, watching and not ingesting every negative moment.

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