Economy, Recession Proof your Life



There are many things I can say about what I see on the news, but I think, I will ignore what I have heard and have seen.

Rather, I want to get back to basics here.

I think the world is becoming inverted.

What do I mean?

I think what we have known is about to change in ways we cannot imagine.

I call it:  flatline.

And I pray that what comes after is what we can live with from the best part of ourselves.

In the meantime, I’m going back to basics, stocking up on canned foods, designing vegetable gardens and rainwater collection systems.

And yes, making room and welcoming friends and family without a place to go.

May God Bless us All.

What can you make for dinner from what you have?  Those potatoes growing roots, perhaps?

Vegan Potato Soup

Updates:  I added too much wheat flour to the soup and destroyed it. Note photo below:

And now looking at the photo of the cans, I wonder why one of the four tomato cans has turned its back on the camera?  Hmmm, could of sworn wasn’t like that before……………..


4 thoughts on “Economy, Recession Proof your Life

  1. there is something very scary in the air.
    Flatline is an interesting choice of words.
    There is this division I feel in the air, like a hard line drawn between power and spirituality.
    It’s like the sociopaths are growing in numbers…and what does that mean???
    I am canning apple sauce, putting up the last on my beans,
    wish I had the money to stock up on food. But by this time of the year I am thin…

  2. Sorrow,

    It is in the air isn’t it, palpable, feels like you can almost touch it, and actually recoil at what you describe, that line separating spirituality from prevailing every moment.

    See this is what I wish we could accomplish, a trading of services, your beautiful artwork in exchange for someone else’s with food, a give and take, a natural flow that wouldn’t even take thought or effort it would be so natural.

  3. That Veo wine is mighty tasty…are you stocking up on that as well?

    I jest.

    We made it almost 2 months without going shopping for anything other than our staples (bread, eggs, milk, and the occational block of cheese…). I finally went yesterday to restock, and made it out with only $112. Not too bad, considering we used to spend that almost every other week.

    I never realized just how liberating saving money could be!

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