Give: The Labyrinth Shop


The Labryrinth Shop

Is it my camera or is it my hand? takes blurry photos….but I needed to share, this is a woman, an artist, that shares and shares and shares.

The above is a one of a kind begging bowl.  You must see it to believe it.  You must feel it to sense the energetic love.  The card in the photo reads:

“The begging bowl is a visual reminder, it can be worn, hung on a {rearview} mirror, or anywhere it can be seen to remind you.  Remind you that every day Life brings things to you, it places these moments in the bowl of your day.  It is up to You to use these moments to nourish your heart, your mind, your spirit.”

I’m not sure how to convince you to jump to her shop, but please do, she gives back, constantly, without a thought.  Pass this on.  Let’s show what the power of kindness can do….pass it on, to ten, then ten more then ten more again.  Let’s do it, let’s see if we can pass this on to at least hit the million mark.

And Sorrow, when you stop in, feel free to tell us more, and please, do not be  humble, share with us the stories of the works on your site, the homeless that have been given a space to try to earn money, the free gifts you send your fellow bloggers, shout it from the mountain girl, I know you will only take the profits and give them away, even though I pray you keep a tiny bit for yourself.

Peace.  I never tell you to do anything, I am telling you now, pass this on to as many as you can, link it to your blogs, go to the shop, you will be rewarding the kind and gentle and unselfish heart of the artist, Sorrow11.

Surface Earth


5 thoughts on “Give: The Labyrinth Shop

  1. Surface Earth…
    In the true meaning of Love, you have made me smile and cry tears of laughter and peace.
    For you a small thing, for me The world,
    From the depth of my being, thank you, for what you have done.
    and for what you continue to do.
    It has lifted a burden of stress and anxiety off my shoulders, and made me see how many blessings i have..
    Can I count you twice?
    this is so unbelievably caring…
    Thank you
    a million times
    Thank you

  2. I am glad you posted this. I recently encountered sorrow whom is a woman of spirit, courage and compassion.

    I will be adding an image link to my blog for her Labyrinth as well.

    A small group of local women and myself are working on a project currently- still in preliminary phases – but the objective to be able to give support as part of the effort. I am encouraged to see others offering this even now – such as Sorrow.

    Applause to you both – from the heart.

  3. Sib: It’s all about Sorrow, we are just trying to push the train. She is trying to help street kids right now….i know, i know, how can we live in a world where our children are living on the streets? So beyond sadness I have no words for it, let’s empower them, let’s help them be the next loving and compassionate generation.

    Peace to you and yours. You evidently are working on the right side of the tracks. And a shout out to the artistry on your site.

    Surface Earth

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