Mother Mary

Boston Herald presents on the sighting of the image of Mother Mary

Seems like she made a stop in Springfield. M.A.

****Hey CordieB’s comment just made me update this, almost included it to begin with but didn’t, Mother Mary Come to Me………………..


6 thoughts on “Mother Mary

  1. When I find myself in times of troubles
    mother mary comes to me
    speaking words of wisdom,
    let it be. . . . . let it be . . . . (The beatles, I think)

    Do you happen to know when the first rendention of Mother Mary was drawn or painted? I wonder how much the the real Mother of Jesus resembles that of the aberations and sightings that are so often envisioned . . . .

    PLL, CordieB.

  2. Vanessa: the video breaks my heart. Rumor has it when the woman auditioned for the movie, Across the Universe, the people she auditioned to also were moved to tears. Small wonder. God surely packed a whallop in that woman’s soul, heart and voice.

  3. I just heard that somebodyz saw a pic of the virgin mary on a windaw of a hospital in springfield mass. Theyz say its pretty tight. Check it out by searching “mary sighting springfield mass.” on google then click on the one that sayz diggs. see y’all.


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