Hello? Is this 2008? Are we “human”? Stop Florida from committing transgression

I can’t decide on the title, I could write three thousand more headings.

Here it is, I need to share this with you,

we live in the year,


(You sure this is not 1978????)

Did you know that?

And in 2008 it sometimes seems we have learned nothing.

We have become the arbiter of what is acceptable within the beds of consenting adults.  We have chosen to focus on a very small area:  whether people of the same sex are allowed to love each other.

Yes, you heard that right.  What we are talking about is ability of people to be allowed to FREELY EXPRESS LOVE TO ONE ANOTHER.

Let’s repeat that:  FREEDOM TO LOVE.

Now I’m not patronizing you, I repeat this to drill it into my own head that it could actually be true that God loving heterosexual human beings think they have the right to determine the course of love for the rest of the world.  (Oh, did I mention?  I’m God Loving and a monogamous, loving heterosexual.  Aren’t I lucky?  Arent’ I special?  Guess God must have chosen me.)

The point is, educated, allegedly loving individuals, citizens of the most free of societies, or so they herald, are actually, yes, seriously, contemplating to amend the Florida constitution to tell people, to mandate, to enact into law a prohibition against love.

Yes, that is what we are talking about, prohibiting love.

No God I have ever believed in ever considered that a possibility, two rules, remember, the essence?  Love God and Love your neighbor.

Whew.  Sorry, I’m pretty upset.

I want to know where the exit door is from this Society gone mad.  No, I don’t mean checking out, I mean escaping from the collective illusion.

Here, let me tell you what’s going on.  Received, via another, yes, my allowed and legal love, an email, copied below for you to read and digest:

“Dear all – yes this is a direct appeal for money to help a worthy cause.  It is sad that we have to spend good resources to fight for basic human rights in the US in 2008.

A worthy cause – run by a good friend I’ve known for several years.  Please help!

Kind regards,”


Begin forwarded message:

From: ******

Date: 1 October 2008 9:15:31 AM

To: ********

Subject: Hello from Florida

Dear Friends,

I’ll be right up-front about this – this is an appeal for $$$.  (No, not for me.)

I hope you know I wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t important.  Please read on and I will explain why.

There is a poisonous amendment to the Florida Constitution on the ballot this November known as Amendment 2 – the so-called “Marriage Protection” Amendment.

Yes, they’re at it again.  The right wing is using fear of gay people to try to win another election.  But they may have over reached this time.  They claim it’s about “gay marriage” but Florida already has multiple laws banning same-sex marriage.  What they’re really after is engraving discrimination into the Florida Constitution and the elimination of domestic partnership rights and benefits which are offered by several counties (e.g. Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach), municipalities and employers (think Disney) here in Florida.

The good news is that to amend the Florida Constitution the proponents need a vote of 60% + 1 to win and we need 40% +1 to send it to the trash bin where it belongs.  Polls show both sides are within 2% of the magic number.  We have seen that once we explain the negative consequences to all Florida unmarried couples, especially seniors who would be forced to choose between sharing health care and receiving government benefits, our numbers go up.  The key to our victory will be in getting the word out to as many people as possible.  That’s where you come in.

Florida Red and Blue, the group I have been working for since July, was formed solely to defeat this amendment.  As many of you know I have worked on a few campaigns in the past and I must say I am impressed with the sophistication of Florida Red and Blue.  We are using all the latest tools to fight this battle.  Included in our arsenal are TV ads which are already “in the can” and have been tested with focus groups with off-the-charts positive results.  The reason the ads are so effective is they tell real stories of real people and how they would be affected if Amendment 2 passes.  The TV time has been booked and all that remains is the money to run the ads.  All our other expenses and overhead are covered from now until Nov. 4 so every dime we raise from now on will go directly to getting these ads on the air.

Please help with a contribution of whatever you can afford,  It’s easy; just go to our web site www.SayNo2.com or send a check to Florida Red and Blue  12864 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 314 North Miami, FL  33181.  There are just 5 weeks left until the election so the need is urgent and immediate.

If this amendment is defeated here in Florida it will send shock waves across the country.  The Republicans have used this tool in the past (remember Ohio 2004) and they will keep using it until it no longer works.  If we can stop them here it will be a real turning point.  But most importantly we will preserve the limited rights and benefits available under domestic partnerships for all unmarried Florida couples and keep the government out of the private lives of individuals and families.  When government tries to make these kinds of decisions we end up with travesties like the Terry Schiavo case.

Thanks for your help.  I know there are many demands on us all these days so it’s important to choose where our dollars will have the most impact and do the most good.  Beating Amendment 2 in Florida is one of those places.  [——-] And for more information on the amendment, go to http://www.SayNo2.com. There you can read articles,view videos, make a contribution and find a list of our supporters like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Patricia Ireland, NOW, the NAACP, AFL-CIO, etc.

Thank you most sincerely for your support,


PS – if you have any friends in Florida make sure they know to vote No on Amendment 2.  You’d be surprised how many people don’t know about this with all the attention going to the presidential race.”



(954) 734-0171





surface earth photos, copyright – 2008

A rose by any other name…………………………………

-surface earth, copyright 2008




14 thoughts on “Hello? Is this 2008? Are we “human”? Stop Florida from committing transgression

  1. I have passed this on to my Mom who lives there, and To a good friend as well, I don’t know what else i can do, but keep the candle lit.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this, SE! For me it’s all about love. That’s the basis of REAL family values.

    People are having trouble raising funds in Florida because of the more widely publicized California Proposition 8. Here’s a link to some info on that, if I may:


    The intent of the amendment is awful enough, but it irks me no end that Republicans got these on the ballot in critical electoral states to expressly tap into people’s hatred of those with different beliefs and ways of living their private lives in order to get McCain voters to turn out in droves. In case they aren’t motivated enough to go to the polls for McCain, the strategists assume they will get off their butts and vote against “those homosexuals” trying to get their share of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s a disgusting tactic on so many levels.

    Funny that the same people who are against government in the financial markets want government to essentially stick its nose in our bedrooms.

    Thank you, SE, for posting this and thank you for your beautiful heart that sees who we are inside. We are all the same at the core. These are just labels people with hatred in their hearts (but at the core fear and insecurity, I think) want to impose on others and use to control that which is different and therefore, somehow, threatening. Sad that they are denying themselves the true wealth of knowing and loving others of all types.

    Love the post and LOVE the drawing. Gloves off and boots on.

    Peace in and out, cyber-sister!


  3. We are disheartened by this, but not surprised. Society evolves, but like nature, too slowly. It’s only a matter of time that this nonsense too will pass, just like the many other “phobias” conjured up by weak minds the world over. So here we are today and for many good people equality at a fundamental level remains – elusive.

    Lets spread the message and encourage a dialog in the hopes that only by doing so will we abate the fears and change enough hearts and minds to win a majority. Yes of course we know, for many no plea, no reasoning, will make a difference. But history is full of examples of what once was thought of as hopeless cause by a few that today is a norm. So too will this be – and in our life time.

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  5. Friends:

    I cannot match the wisdom of your own words. Nor do I need to…I just ask and pray, that you send this plea to as many as you know, whether or not they are open to the message, you never know, when the clouds part and the Sun shines through, despite ourselves.

    Please, keep passing on the good word.

    Your friend,

    Surface Earth

  6. Surface Earth: Thank you so much for focusing on this; although there are so many human issues that do not touch me in any way, THIS one does. Sad to say, my parents live in Florida, I am a lesbian in a committed relationship for almost thirteen years, they know and love our family… yet they will vote yes for this. However, awareness is key; Arizona defeated this same type of amendment last year, and it is coming up yet again, and those that support it are really kicking it up, I understand….

    Thank you so much.

  7. Vanessa:

    Focusing? You know we already feel we have not done enough. I shake my head, can this be real, I ask? That people believe in a skewed definition of love?


    I some days don’t know what to make of it, then realize I don’t have to, just have to, keep on, keeping on.

    Peace, love and support.

    Surface Earth

  8. On a related issue, one bit of good news from Florida. Love what the judge says:

    “A judge on Tuesday (November 25, 2008) ruled that a strict Florida law that blocks gay people from adopting children is unconstitutional, declaring there was no legal or scientific reason for sexual orientation alone to prohibit anyone from adopting.

    “It is clear that sexual orientation is not a predictor of a person’s ability to parent,” the judge wrote. “A child in need of love, safety and stability does not first consider the sexual orientation of his parent. The exclusion causes some children to be deprived of a permanent placement with a family that is best suited to their needs.”


    Peace out and in to all,

    Ronnie Ann

  9. OMG, the true definition of one step backward, and yes, one forward……

    I am so glad that justice is indeed, JUST much of the time. Not just because it goes in a way which I support, but because it looks at the law and the constitution, and rules what is most just and fair to ALL……..

  10. That’s wonderful news. . . . I’m glad the judge was just. I’m also delighted the judge realized that to deny gay families the ability to adopt is in fact, “prohibiting love.” Let us not worry; Goodness (God) will prevail! Blessings to all.

  11. Believe it or not, there are still some decent opinions coming out of the judiciary.

    Blessings Ronnie for bringing this to light!

    May the human heart and soul prevail!!!!!

    Surface Earth

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