The Changeling and Flash of Genius

Bizzare, right?

How could they possibly be related?

Well, maybe falling through the Rabbit Hole.

For now, I say, because I saw Flash of Genius today and cried.  I cried for so many reasons.  I cried because I am an attorney and I know I have advocated to settle because litigation costs would be insurmountable for my client.  I cry because i witnessed how a good man, watched his marriage and family get destroyed, because others refused to acknowledge truth.

But before I cried watching Flash of Genius i cried because I saw previews for The Changeling.  Am I confused?  Because I posted some time ago about a book, The Stolen Child, and because of my love for Irish history, my love of the lore of the Faeries, I felt The Stolen Child was important.  But the book itself humbled me to believe I knew what was important and what was not.

So I sat, waiting for Flash of Genius to begin, and had a preview to The Changeling which, if you have read, the Stolen Child, or perhaps other works, it would not be a bizarre topic for you.  If you have lived untruths forced upon you by what you believed to be law abiding, good people of society, and have been harmed because of it, then you also know what i mean.

What it means is the disillusion of truth.  Those in power preying over the good that live in truth.  And it bothers me on deeper levels because my Grandfather was an executive of Ford.  But i can only pray, he would not have done this to that man and his family. He is passed now, so I may have to wait to ask.  On another level it bothered me deeply because I am an attorney and was disgusted by what I saw in regard to the attorneys on behalf of Ford.  I spoke to Mary during that film and said please, please don’t let me be them.  But I’m judging now, aren’t I?  Ugh.

I cried. Just in the previews, I cried.  And they also had to slam us with The Soloist, let’s save that discussion for another day.

All I can say is, truth resides within, if you cannot follow your own good heart, there is no sense looking to others.

Man is distorted, I don’t know why, it makes no sense to me individually, I’d rather let the guy who cuts me of pass safely than curse him out.  But, I’m going to suffer myself, and watch The Changeling, knowing it is true and it exists today, knowing that to speak out, is often to condemn ourselves and those we love.

But, what, I ask you, because I no longer know, is,what is the point of silence?

May God and your heart guide you.  May God not be what institutions teach you, rather, may God only be what resonates when the soul and heart meet.

I pray for you.

Surface Earth


4 thoughts on “The Changeling and Flash of Genius

  1. Se~
    I just finished reading the soloist, it was a wonderful and deeply moving book. I can only hope that Hollywood does it some fair nod.
    It always comes back to truth.
    to being true to ones self.
    I think that is what terrifies me the most in this day and age.
    Truth is so subverted. Lies and fear are packaged so nicely and the high gloss of faith in something beyond self is used to control and subjugate.
    How do we live?
    how do we breathe when the very air is ripe with malice?
    There are tears in your bowl today,
    what will you do with them?

  2. Sorrow:

    Oh, I should read that! I love being able to read the books first. The previews looked powerful. Being true to onself. Yes, so true it defies explanation.

    The packaging as you say is so high gloss and so accepted, it is difficult to untangle from the web, isn’t it?

    Thought provoking question Sorrow.

    Surface Earth

  3. I wrote about truth in my blog today so, on that theme, we are on the same wavelength.

    I have been privy to situations where law suits initially seemed the way to go, even the only apparent answer. Then, people (including myself) discovered that confrontation, reviewing reasons for pain and conflict are not the way to work through the underlying causes for perceived disputes. And yet, the thought of the legal course of action has actually triggered many a self-revelation. There is always a bright side to everything. Every person is in charge of his or her own strokes of genius.

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