Ubuntu, in a can, if you will

How to begin?

Sanity Found gave us a remarkable tribute, and within same, Amber Moon, made reference to the guide written on her blog, simple thoughts on Ubuntu.

Perhaps the only fair way to begin is to show you, our introduction to the word Ubuntu did not begin that  long ago.  In June of 2007, Surface Earth posted a piece on Ubuntu. It was an introduction, a recognition, that this word was new to us.

Back to the present, we were asked to share our vision, our experience of Ubuntu:

We would like to extend our congratulations to Surface Earth.  Thank you for your beautiful words and spirit.  You will be a fine addition to our Ubuntu team.  With this nomination you can choose or not to post our Ubuntu badge on your blog, but we do ask that you post a blog post article about what Ubuntu means to you in return.

First, Ubuntu to us means an all encompassing love.  It means love which has no division, no boundaries, it is the recognition that as the water feeds through the channels of the land, it is not divided, but of the same whole.


Ubuntu means exactly what what was given and shared today, an expression of humanity, a lack of being afraid to stand on Humanity’s Team, to recognize ourselves in another or others.  And that is what occurred today.  I stand now, in the distant light, rays, of pure love that have come from people I don’t know, people that have no agenda other than to raise up their fellow man or woman or human or whatever we want to call ourselves.  This purity of spirit reached into my day, humbling me, asking, what more, what more, what more can be done?  Done, I mean, to keep this up, to keep up this compassionate web of caring, for all of you to feel as I do right now, full of belief in the love and goodness of my fellow people.

This is first draft gang, i’m sure I’ll be back to write some more, but I can only write from the heart, the editing skills come from my very loud ego, and I’m ok with silencing that loud partner.

Namaste.  May you be good to others.


9 thoughts on “Ubuntu, in a can, if you will

  1. You have radiated the spirit of Ubuntu since day one of Surface Earth . . . and before, I imagine. I am proud that you have accepted our humble invitation to join in Ubuntu. We have our faults just like everyone else; but we try to see the love in all and connect the love in all, as much as we humanly can. Beautiful words dearest SE . . . as always,

    PLL, CordieB.

  2. Cordie:

    You are very kind.

    I thank you.

    The “humble” invitation was in fact very inspiring to
    me, very…what is the word? Very altruistic.


    Surface Earth

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  4. As I said on the other – sorry for the quietness, this is awesome. What I find the most interesting each time someone writes about what Ubuntu means to them they put a different perspective and shed more light. Incredible!

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